Surrey Vegan Fair 2018

As someone that’s born and bred in leafy green Surrey, I am always excited by anything vegan going on this way. From simple things such as finding a vegan sarnie in a shop to hearing about a vegan fair that includes local brands.

No shade on bigger brands (ily, too) but more local, smaller brands are where my interest lies, so when seeing the likes of LoveSeitan from Guildford and April’s Table from Weybridge on the list of stalls at Surrey Vegan Fair, I was on it!

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Review: Veggi Jelli

Jelly was always one of those things I loved in the pre-vegan days and if I’m honest, when I was younger I was unaware what it was made of. It held fond memories of jelly and ice cream at birthday parties when I was a kid (just a British thing?!), so when finding out it contains gelatine and what exactly that is, I started phasing it out.

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