19 Vegan Gifts For All Occasions!

Whether you are vegan yourself or just buying presents for one, finding vegan gifts can be a struggle. Some products are clearly marked as vegan, but a lot of products online and in shops are not. Here’s my list of vegan gift ideas to get you started!

Please note, products marked with an asterisks were kindly gifted to me.

Something For A Sweet Tooth

1.NOMO Chocolate Bars

NOMO Free From Vegan Chocolate

My absolute weakness! These chocolate bars are gorgeous. Free from dairy, gluten, eggs and nuts, so suitable for many. I’ve even got a NOMO advent calendar this year which is great – Definitely one to try!

Life is better with chocolate – NOMO Vegan Chocolate Review

2.The Vegan Bakes

The Vegan Bakes doughnuts

I am so lucky to be based locally to The Vegan Bakes so have tried lots of her treats from local markets, but luckily there is an online shop too!

I highly recommend The Brookie and the Double Chocolate and Biscoff Cookies – They are SO damn good!

3.Rhythm 108 Chocolate Bars

When I first went vegan I tried the Sweet ‘n’ Salty Almond bar from Rhythm 108 and it was a game changer. This bar is unlike anything I’ve had before, and since! Along with the cute packaging, this bar is so delicious and looks very posh too!

The Chocolate Orange bar that they have released just in time for Christmas is great also – Perfect for those who were fans of Terry’s Chocolate Orange. This chocolate bar feels decadent and just all around fabulous!

4.Vegan Crazy Dulce De Leche

Vegan Dulce de Leche by Vegan Crazy

Creamy and sweet, this sauce is so great with churros but also with…pretty much anything! At the moment I am loving this mixed into my morning porridge – Yum!

Full review coming soon, but check out Vegan Crazy on Instagram!

For The Coffee Lover

5.New Kings Coffee*

New Kings Coffee coffee bags

This is instant coffee, but a little bit different. Two words – Coffee bags. These lil babies will take your day to day coffee to the next level. These bags are so flavoursome and work well for both hot and iced coffee.

As someone that can’t have caffeine, I am always on the look out for a decent decaff – and I’ve found my all time favourite! Sometimes decaf coffee can be bland, but this is the complete opposite. I can’t wait to use these to make deaf espresso martinis – Yum!

For The Tea Lover


Teapro tea subscription

This company are on a mission to educate everyone on tea and the benefits. I absolutely love trying new types of tea, and from Teapro there are SO many types to try.

From a tea infuser glass to selection boxes and even boxes that make cold fruit tea, there are lots of amazing products to choose from!

Full review coming soon, but I would recommend taking a look at their website for more information!

Vegan Gifts That Last A Little Longer? Try Some Subscription Boxes!

7.Teapro Subscription Boxes

With sustainable gift wrapping and a personalised message added into the first box, this is perfect for a tea enthusiast or even those that are tea curious. Each month includes different types of teas so the recipient can not only try new flavours, but also gain knowledge of lots of teas.

8.The Vegan Kind Subscription Boxes

The Vegan Kind lifestyle subscription box

I have been subscribed to The Vegan Kind’s Lifestyle Box for a long time now and am a massive fan. This monthly box contains lots of food products to try out, and I’ve never had a bad box yet!

The Vegan Kind Lifestyle Box Review

If you’re looking for something more beauty oriented, The Vegan Kind also have a Beauty Box full of skincare and beauty products which looks amazing too! Their online supermarket also has a wide range of individual vegan gifts to choose from.

9.Energy Ball Recipe Kit*

Energy Ball Recipe Kit subscription box

If you’re gifting to someone who loves making things, I would recommend this one. These kits come with step by step instructions and make absolutely lush energy balls.

Energy Ball Recipe Kit Review

Something Extra? Vegan gifts come in all shapes and sizes!

10.House Of Wonderland*

House of Wonderland vegan gifts

House Of Wonderland have a gorgeous range of products such as mugs and stationary. I was kindly sent their Vegan AF Mug and Vegan Banner Necklace which I am loving.

I am such a mug hoarder, and I am so pleased to finally have a cute vegan one in my cupboard. Also, it’s covered in avocados which makes this mug the best of the best!

11.Go2 Natural Essential Oils Inhaler Sticks*

Go2 Essential oils inhaler sticks

There’s just something about essential oils that I love. I find that they can completely change my mood, so have previously used them in diffusers and as sprays, but Go2 have something else to offer.

Go2 have a range of essential oil sticks for different moods – Energy, Focus, B. Calm and Sleep. With cute packaging and fantastic information on the science behind it all, these little sticks would be a great stocking filler for anyone, not just when looking for vegan gifts!

Full review coming soon, but in the meantime take a peek at their website!

For The Eco Conscious

12.Reco – Reusable and sustainable alternatives to single-use products*

Reco zero waste soap bars

Reco have a great range of zero waste gifts and plastic free alternatives, so lots to choose from when looking for vegan gift ideas!

I was kindly sent The Suds Box and I am loving it so far, particularly the Body Soap Bar. This smells so fresh and is perfect for a morning shower.

Full review of The Suds Box coming soon, but in the meantime check out their website!

13.Natural Essentoils Brush Soap*

Natural Essentoils vegan zero waste brush soaps

I am a makeup obsessive and cleaning my brushes has always been very important to me. Natural Essentoils have a range of solid brush soaps and I was kindly sent the Original version to try which I am now a massive fan of.

I’ve tried so many gel brush cleansers in the past and none have worked as well as this. This product is also plastic free, natural and vegan.

14.Reusaboo Reusable Coffee Cup*

Reusaboo reusable coffee cup

Disposable coffee cups are a massive issue, so why not purchase a cute one to not only save the environment, but also to save you money in a lot of places!

Have a read of my full review of the Reusaboo Bamboo Cup here.

15.Caretton Reusable Makeup Remover Rounds

Caretton reusable bamboo face pads

I came across Caretton via Amazon after searching for makeup remover rounds that are reusable. I was first attracted by the cute packaging and have been using these for months now and am very impressed. Easy to use and wash, these would make such a lovely present for the makeup wearer in your life. Check Caretton out on Instagram for more information.

16.Soap Folk*

Soap Folk plastic free soaps

With gorgeous floral themed packaging, Soap Folk have a wide range of plastic free soaps which would make the perfect gift for those who love a pamper. From individual soaps to purchase to bundles, there are so many lovely gifts on Soap Folk’s website at different price ranges.

For The Bevvy Lover

17.Binary Botanical

Binary Botanical beer

Looking for something a little different? Binary Botanical is one to check out. This low-calorie wine alternative is actually a beer with a prosecco-like taste.

Light and fruity, I absolutely adore this drink. The non-alcoholic version goes so well with ginger beer – Yum!


Tipplesworth Cocktail Mixers

Cocktail fan in your life? Tipplesworth are one of the best brands around! With a range of beautifully packaged cocktail mixers and barware, their quirky style is memorable and will stand out in your loved ones kitchen.

19.Proudly Vegan Wines*

Proudly Vegan Wines

You may not know that not all wines are vegan, so Proudly Vegan Wines are an amazing gift so you don’t have to search for a suitable bottle. I have tried both the Sauvignon Blanc and the Merlot which are delicious, but they also sell a lovely looking rose and prosecco too!

There are so many vegan gifts out there to choose from, I could go on for hours! What’s the best vegan gift you’ve received?

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