Nutribuddy High Protein Sculpting Shake Review*

Sometimes thinking up meals and keeping nutrition in mind can be hard. When I heard about the High Protein Sculpting Shake from Nutribuddy, I was excited to see if this product could resolve this issue.

Created by a now 24 year old keen to sell high quality and healthy products that “YOU will love and that make YOU happy“, Nutribuddy is a company with a range of products. From Stainless Steel bottles for hot or cold beverages, to Instant Porridge, there really is so much to choose from!

I was kindly gifted a 14 day trial of Nutribuddy’s High Protein Sculpting Shake, and I was super excited.

With a choice of Strawberry, Chocolate or Vanilla, I chose the chocolate. I have a proper sweet tooth and so chocolate is always a flavour I look forward to!

Along with this powder came a scoop (always handy!), plus a Nutribuddy Shaker, with the choice of pink or black. Obviously I went for black – The inner emo child in me couldn’t not choose black!

Before consuming this product, I looked into what it contained. As a vegan protein powder product, this product contains pea protein rather than the usual whey. As someone who gets bloated easily, it’s great to see that this product is suitable for those with IBS too. Stating on their website that this is an “easily digestable” product, the key ingredients are gluten free oats and rice protein.

Ingredients: Rice Protein, Gluten-Free Oats, Pea Protein, Stevia, Natural Flavourings, Matcha Green Tea, Flax Seed, Hemp Protein Powder, Cocoa Powder

When opening my parcel I was impressed with the design of the packaging. An eye-catching pink and orange gradient with simplistic text – Something I wouldn’t be ashamed of having out on display in my kitchen.

The bottle is a great size and has a nice simplistic design to match the packaging. I would be happy to use this for water on the go too!

This shake is ridiculously easy to make. When reading about it on Nutribuddy’s website, I didn’t quite believe how simple it would be.

Two scoops of the powder with 300-400ml of milk, shake it up and go! By using 400ml of oat milk, I’ve found that this is the perfect consistency. I’ve had similar types of shakes in the past which are thick and gloopy which can be unpleasant to drink. In comparison, this was smooth and creamy. I noticed if leaving it for a few minutes, the residue of the ingredients can start sinking to the bottom of the bottle. When given a little shake, all was well again, which was great!

As someone that’s rubbish at having breakfast, Nutribuddy’s products are a great solution for me.

I am aware that breakfast is important, but I just find it so difficult to consume. I either can’t stomach it, or I just forget. Unless it’s 11am and I’ve got a hangover, I’m useless! Recognising how awful this is, I was on a mission to change this.

After using this High Protein Sculpting Shake for a few weeks, it’s now become part of my routine. This is very easy to make, tastes lovely and is an easy way to get in a little boost of goodness.

I do find this shake filling, but I wouldn’t want to change every meal to shakes. I think I am someone that needs at least one meal per day – I love cooking and eating my own homemade food, so I would miss that!

Next from Nutribuddy I would like to try their Breakfast Shakes and their Chia & Coconut Porridge – Both sound delicious!

Overall, I would recommend giving Nutribuddy products a try if you struggle with fitting in meals and need a quick boost of goodness – They taste great and are super quick!

*Please note, I was kindly gifted these products from the brand but all views are my own. If you would like me to review your products or if you have any questions, head over to my work with me page.

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