TheVeganKind Lifestyle Box Review | Box #TVK71

Once a month my doorbell rings and a cute little green box is delivered to me. I can’t describe how exciting this interaction is to me. Even after being subscribed for over a year, I am still in love with my TheVeganKind Lifestyle Box.

TheVeganKind Lifestyle Box Review

Coming in at only £8 per month plus p+p, this box really is a bargain. To put the price into perspective, my September box should have amounted to £22.29 plus p+p!

Not only is this box great value for money, it’s a chance to try lots of different exciting vegan products.

Every month something different comes in TheVeganKind’s Lifestyle Box. From drinks to sweets, toothpaste to books, the selection is fantastic!

Within the September box there was a new bamboo cup from TheVeganKind along with a range of vegan goodies.

Vego Dark Nuts and Berries

Vego Dark Nuts and Berries – RRP £2.69

The newest creation from the amazing Vego. A take on a classic fruit and nut bar, this dark chocolate version is gorgeously creamy. In addition to this, the cranberries really stand out in this for me – They taste amazing!

TheVeganKind Vegan Bamboo Cup
TheVeganKind Vegan Bamboo Cup

TheVeganKind Vegan Bamboo Cup – RRP £8.99

After recently reviewing the Reusaboo Bamboo Cup I was very excited to have another bamboo cup in my life!

I absolutely love this stand out “Stop Trashing Our Oceans” designs. In addition to this being cute, it holds an important message too.

It’s great that this has a sleeve (I hate it when reusable cups don’t!) and the grey aspects pair well with the blues of the cup design.

Mallow Puffs Salted Caramel

Mallow Puffs Salted Caramel – RRP £3.49

After first hearing about Mallow Puffs on Instagram, I was super excited to see them included in this box. I swear TheVeganKind always have the best new products included in their Lifestyle Boxes.

Above all, these were definitely my favourite part of this months box. The dark chocolate is gorgeously rich and the marshmallow itself has such a great texture – Perfectly squidgy!

TENZING Natural Energy - Raspberry and Yuzu

TENZING Natural Energy – Raspberry and Yuzu – RRP £1.49

Perfect straight from the fridge, this drink is exactly how TheVeganKind describes, “crisp and refreshing”.

Quinola Mothergrain Wholegrain Pilau Style Express

Quinola Mothergrain Wholegrain Pilau Style Express – RRP £1.89

I bloody love quinoa. I think it goes with everything and is so wholesome. Having quinoa that takes 2 minutes is fantastic and is perfect with some greens for lunch! Especially as the favouring is not too overpowering, so it is quite a versatile ingredient!

Divine Organic 85% Dark Chocolate with Turmeric and Ginger

Divine Organic 85% Dark Chocolate with Turmeric and Ginger – RRP £2.99

I’m a big fan of dark chocolate, so I am very pleased that this is the third dark chocolate product in this box! The dark chocolate combined with these spices was great – The perfect flavouring for autumn!

Yushoi Lightly Salted

Yushoi Lightly Sea Salted – RRP £0.75

I had previously tried the Sweet Chilli flavour of Yushoi’s pea snacks and loved them. Likewise, I was equally as pleased with these ones. This flavour is very subtle and goes well with hummus or salsa as a perfect, mid-afternoon snack!

Within TheVeganKind’s Lifestyle Box, there’s also another surprise…

Every month you receive a recipe card, and all of the recipes are great! Varied, creative and not over complicated.

I am a massive fan of TheVeganKind – Their lifestyle box has never let me down!

TheVeganKind also have a beauty subscription box, along with a full online shop that has an awesome range of products.

Have you ordered anything from TheVeganKind before?

TheVeganKind Lifestyle Box Review

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  1. ooooh I wanna try those Mallow puffs they sound amazingggggg 😋 My boyfriend has tenzing all the time he loves it! I used to get the snack boxes but stopped a while ago, maybe I’ll have togive the lifestyle ones a try 😉

    Lon x

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