A Vegan Day Out In Brighton

Oh Brighton, one of my favourite places to visit in the UK. The calmness of the sea contrasting with the hustle and bustle of town – I love it!

As an early birthday treat my boyfriend and I went out for a day of exploring in Brighton, mainly centred around food. My number one reason for this trip to Brighton was to visit the newly opened Artbox Cafe. As someone that attends London Comic Con, I’ve come across Artbox multiple times and purchased way too much from them. Their products are just super cute!

Artbox Cafe Brighton - Pusheen Snack Parlour

Artbox Cafe

Located on East Street, the Artbox Cafe is situated between lots of shops, restaurants and bars, but really stands out. The pastel colouring of the shop front and cute window displays, along with the giant Pusheen toy in the window really stands out.

On the left there is an ice cream parlour, on the right a shop area. Upstairs, an area to enjoy your sweet treats. Although I didn’t have any food here, there were lots of ice creams marked as vegan. I also noticed on the menu there was an option for vegan marshmallows for your hot chocolate. Following this visit, I will definitely be returning to try their food.

Artbox Cafe Brighton - Pusheen Snack Parlour
Source: Artbox Cafe

I browsed the shop for ages, even leaving and came back before making a decision on what I wanted to buy! I was torn between getting a Pusheen plush or a cup. In the end I purchased an ice cream style cup – It’s going to be perfect for my iced coffees!


For lunch we visited Purezza for the first time and we were very impressed. We ordered the cheese dough balls to start, as recommended to me by many people on Twitter. These tasted gorgeous – I wish the portion was bigger! My boyfriend thought the vegan cheese within them tasted like Camembert, it had so much flavour!

Purezza Brighton

For our mains, we ordered the Parmigiana Party and the Pesto Manifesto, along with some garlic mayo for dipping. The garlic mayo was the best I’ve ever tried – Purezza should be selling this bottled!

The Parmigiana Party included a red tomato base with smoked mozzarella, aubergine parmigiana, crumbled sausages, topped with a dusting of nutritional yeast. The crumbled sausages are really what made this pizza fantastic. The flavours were exactly how I remember a Cumberland sausage tasted in the pre-vegan days, I really enjoyed them!

The Pesto Manifesto had a red tomato base with mozzarella, caramelised onions, roasted courgettes, freshly blended pesto and red micro basil. The combination of the caramelised onions and fresh pesto was such a flavoursome treat. This one was so tasty, it definitely left me wanting more!

All of the food was fantastic, and paired with the relaxed atmosphere, it was a great place for lunch!

Purezza Brighton


If I see a Lush, I have to pop in. The vegan range if great and I’ve never actually tried a Lush product that I do not like!

I’ve been using the solid version of Vanillary for such a long time, but I decided it was time to get the spray too. I absolutely adore this smell. For some reason to me the smell of vanilla is so calming, so I am a big fan of this product!

Source: Lucy & Yak

Lucy & Yak

I popped into this fabulous store after following Lucy & Yak on Instagram for a long time. The staff were so friendly and I loved all of the clothing. I particularly like their striped, cropped, long sleeved tops, so will have to save up and treat myself!

Gunns Flowers Brighton
Source: Gunns Brighton

Gunns Florist

We strolled past Gunns and I spotted some pink Gypsophila and couldn’t resist purchasing it – it is so stunning! Walking through town so many people asked where I got this from and looked as mesmerized as myself, it is such a gorgeous flower.

The Lanes

I love walking through The Lanes, there are so many amazing places to browse and it has such a great vibe! From shops with sunglasses to eateries, there is a lot to see.

Infinity Foods

A staple when visiting Brighton. Even in my pre-vegan days, I always have to visit this shop. It is so full of wonder and is ever-changing, full of treats and products you won’t have seen before.

I picked up some Sproud Pea Milk, Barista Style and some Loma Linda Tuno. Two products I have heard so much about but am yet to try – I am super excited!

Cielo Cakery Brighton

Cielo Cakery

Another business I’ve followed on Instagram for a while and I was so pleased to finally visit this store. Although not a fully vegan business, they have vegan versions of pretty much everything!

I grabbed a Biscoff brownie to go, but I was in need of ice cream. Brighton is by the sea, so ice cream has to happen, duh! Perfectly placed within my eyeline there was a sign displaying their ice cream options – Yes!

Cielo Cakery Brighton

I had a vegan vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce and a peanut butter and jam brownie – Just wow. What a fantastic little pot full of goodness! Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, like me!

Cielo Cakery Brighton
Cielo Cakery Brighton

As you may know, Brighton is like a vegan’s heaven. There are so many amazing places to visit, so keep in mind this is just a handful!

Where’s your favourite vegan place to visit in Brighton?

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A Vegan Day Out In Brighton

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  1. I thought I knew all the vegan eats in Brighton but you’ve shown me some I haven’t heard of before! Now I’m going to have to try! Purezza is so SO good I’m so desparate to go again! So glad you had an amazing time <3

    Lon x

  2. Love this! So many places I had not heard of either! Love Purezza and Happy Maki as my two faves in Brighton x

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