Life Is Better With Chocolate | NOMO Vegan Chocolate Review

I think I may have the biggest sweet tooth in the world. It’s my weakness, but I’ve just got to live with it! NOMO have completely tapped into this weakness with their range of vegan chocolate bars.

NOMO stands for no missing out. Free from dairy, gluten, eggs and nuts, NOMO have made it their mission to ensure no chocolate lovers have to miss out on sweet treats. The current range from NOMO includes:

  • Creamy Choc – 38g & 85g
  • Dark Chocolate – 85g
  • Fruit & Crunch – 32g
  • Caramel & Sea Salt – 38g

I was lucky enough to win a Twitter competition and managed to bag myself a big box of these choccie bars, and wow, I was impressed!

NOMO Creamy Choc

It says it all in the name – This bar was creamy af! So silky smooth and gorgeous. I put a bar in the fridge and then paired it with a cuppa… It was absolute heaven.

NOMO Vegan Chocolate Review

NOMO Dark Chocolate

I am a big fan of dark chocolate. Even super dark chocolate with high percentages of coca – I love the bitterness and the flavour. This dark chocolate wasn’t highly bitter, it had a slight twang, but with a creamy texture and taste. It was gorgeous! Definitely a dark chocolate for those who aren’t usually keen to move away from anything but milk chocolate.

I used half of the large bar for scoffing alone, half for using in some cookies. I think if I purchase another bar I will use it for making a vegan chocolate mousse – It would work so well!

Fruit & Crunch

The creamy chocolate combined with the sweetness of the fruit and the texture of the ‘crunch’ is absolute perfection. I am not a fan of the standard fruit and nut chocolate bars that you see on the supermarket shelves, so this was a nice change. This one was my favourite of them all!

NOMO Vegan Chocolate Review

Caramel and Sea Salt

The contrasting sweet and saltiness in this bar is fabulous. Once again, the creamy chocolate is great – I felt as if I couldn’t eat this bar quick enough!

Overall, I am so in love with all of the NOMO bars and highly recommend to get a selection of them to try, they really are next level!

Have you tried anything from NOMO? I would love to hear what you think!

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NOMO Vegan Chocolate Review
These items were won in a Twitter competition, but all views are my own.

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  1. The number one thing that has kept me from being vegan is chocolate, it really is a weakness for me too. So learning about this brand is great. Plus they have salted caramel! My ultimate weakness ahha

    Sophie | Sophie’s Spot

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