Bells & Whistles Berry & Cashew Vegan Cake Slices Review

Sometimes all you need is a slice of cake, and it’s even better when it’s vegan cake. Bells & Whistles are an amazing brand changing the way the world see’s free from food.

Bells & Whistles were ‘inspired by the younger generation being underwhelmed by the same old brands.’ Through their bold branding and interesting flavours, they really have made an impact.

After first hearing about these guys launching in Sainsbury’s I gave them a follow on Instagram and Twitter. I have to say, I absolutely love their social media. As someone that works in marketing I understand the importance of having clear branding and standing out from the crowd. If you take a look at their feeds, you’ll see they’re awesome!

When coming across these in Sainsbury’s, they really stood out on the shelf. The designs are stunning and something I haven’t seen from a food brand before. Then, when it came to choosing a flavour I was spoilt for choice. Their current flavour range includes:

  • Ginger & Apricot
  • Berry & Cashew
  • Nut Truffle

I literally stood at the shelves trying to choose for about five minutes, much to the annoyance of my boyfriend. In the end I decided on the Berry & Cashew Cake Slices. All wrapped up in their pink packaging, I couldn’t resist the cuteness!

Bells & Whistles Berry & Cashew Vegan Cake Slices

A ‘cranberry and roasted cashew ganache coating a gently baked coconut and almond base, finished with a white top and sprinkled with a tangy berry crumb.’ Now, how heavenly does that sound?!

Astoundingly, each of Bells & Whistles cake slices are under 120 calories.

When opening the packet I saw four diddy cake slices – how cute! Although little, one slice alone actually felt very satisfying.

Bells & Whistles Berry & Cashew Vegan Cake Slices

The cranberry and roasted cashew ganache was absolutely gorgeous. It was so creamy and flavoursome! Although I have been vegan for a while, I am still surprised how great cashews are – Such a versatile ingredient!

The coconut and almond base had a lovely, slightly crumbly texture which worked well with the smoothness of the ganache. All of these elements combined with the sour tang from the berry crumb, this product is a total winner!

Bells & Whistles Berry & Cashew Vegan Cake Slices

Paired with a cuppa, this product makes the perfect snack! Have you tried anything from Bells & Whistles? Which flavour should I try next?

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  1. Wow these look so delicious. I’m not vegan but went to a vegan event a few days ago and I loved every single thing. I’m definitely going to try out new vegan foods, starting with this one. thanks so much for sharing xxxx

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