Weymouth Vegan B&B Review

A new vegan offering has landed in Dorset, the Weymouth Vegan B&B. I am frequently visiting Weymouth, so I was pleased to see that an amazing place with great ethics has opened.

Growing up my family and I always visited Weymouth for holidays, so this location is very close to my heart. Over the years I have seen more and more vegan options popping up. I am a big fan of the gelato from Boho Gelato, the pizza from The Stable and the fantastic burgers from The Dorset Burger Company. So when I came across Weymouth Vegan B&B through Surrey Vegans UK Facebook group, I got in touch straight away.

Weymouth + veganism = The perfect combo for me!

I had emails back and forth discussing my booking with the owners, Andy and Lisa, so I was very excited. They seemed warm and welcoming, and this was just over email, so I couldn’t wait to visit!

Weymouth Vegan B&B

Upon arrival, we were greeted by both owners who were absolutely lovely. We were asked what type of milk we would like in our room (my boyfriend and I chose our favourite, oat) and given it in a beautifully printed container.

Weymouth Vegan B&B Bathroom

The Room

When walking up the stairs and into our room, I took in all of the decorative features. Staying in the Small Double, this room had a sea side vibe with a modern feel which was stunning. The size of the room was perfect for us and even included a desk with a large mirror which was a great place to do my makeup in the morning. I always feel disappointed when B&B’s have tiny mirrors – How am I suppose to get my winged eyeliner looking decent? On the desk there was an array of tea’s and coffee with lots of vegan biscuits too, such as Biscoff – What a treat!

Weymouth Vegan B&B Small Double Bedroom

Next door was our private bathroom which was absolutely breath-taking. I loved the design and having the choice of a bath or a shower in a B&B is fantastic! Within the bathroom there were cruelty free and vegan toiletries within reusable bottles.

When speaking with the owners, they said they were keen on cutting down on waste too which was great to find out!

Weymouth Vegan B&B Bathroom
Weymouth Vegan B&B Bathroom

The Breakfast

As we only stayed for one night, we only got to try the delicious breakfast just once but I will definitely be returning for it!

The breakfast room was bright and inline with the rest of the B&B, beautifully decorated. The light, clean feel was a great environment to be in first thing in the morning. The breakfast options were amazing and included:

  • Linda McCartney sausages or vegetable & rice sausages
  • Smokey Dokey Love Seitan bacon
  • Vegan black pudding
  • Baked beans
  • Tomatoes – fresh, fried or tinned
  • Mushrooms
  • Hash browns
  • Fried spinach
  • Toast – White, crusty, seeded or wholemeal
  • Tea, coffee, juice
  • Cereals, croissants, yoghurts, fruit

Breakfast is served 8.30am – 9.30am, although Andy and Lisa had told us they regularly have cyclists who are early risers, so are accommodating with their timings.


Andy and Lisa were great hosts with lots of knowledge on the local area, naming many places I am a fan of too, such as Portland Bill Lighthouse and Durdle Door. On the Weymouth Vegan B&B website there is even a section dedicated to places to visit nearby. I loved the room and the breakfast was fantastic too. Overall, the Weymouth Vegan B&B has a great vibe, so I would highly recommend visiting!

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