Roots ‘n Shoots Crazy Good Cacao Vegan Protein Review

You know that same old protein powder taste? Forget it! roots ‘n shoots will change everything for you!

Protein powder that’s vegan and actually tastes good isn’t overly easy to come by. Some are okay, but when you’re paying quite a reasonable amount for a product, I want to love it, not have to begrudgingly work my way through the packet to just get rid of it.

As a big fan of chocolate, when I won this flavour in an Instagram giveaway that roots ‘n shoots were hosting, I was so excited. With simple, straight forward packaging, I got stuck into this product straight away!

After ripping open the packaging, I could smell the gorgeous sweet chocolate scent. If you have a sweet tooth, this product is definitely for you! I could literally feel myself salivating at this point. The smell is cake-like, so I knew this product was going to taste amazing.

It was great to see the statement that as well as being ethically sourced, all ingredients that roots ‘n shoots use are 100% natural and vegan. This includes organic pumpkin protein, organic sunflower protein, rice protein, pea protein and added vitamin B12 which amounts to the recommended daily allowance in one serving – Fabulous!

roots 'n shoots crazy good cacao protein powder

Before delving into recipes, I thought I would use this protein powder in the standard way – To make a protein shake! I tried this out using the recommended amounts stated on the back of the packaging with water, as I wanted to see how creamy it turned out, and it was fantastic. I actually couldn’t believe how creamy and luxurious this was. The texture paired with the fantastic flavour and smell was a match made in heaven.

roots 'n shoots crazy good cacao protein powder. Protein porridge

I would really recommend giving roots ‘n shoots a follow on their Instagram too, as they have so many amazing recipe ideas. I have tried using my protein powder in smoothies and porridge, but I’m so keen to try out some of their amazing recipes such as doughnuts, ice cream and cupcakes – Yum!

roots ‘n shoot’s flavour range includes Very Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Blatantly Good Berry, all of which I think sound fantastic. Which flavour would you like to try the most?

*Please note, this product was won in an Instagram competition, but all views are my own.

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