Cocktails With A Twist | Bubble & Twist Twisted Syrup Review*

Something new to jazz up my bevvy’s? Yes please! With quirky packaging and ‘krazy’ thinking, Bubble & Twist‘s branding is right up my street.

Based in Guildford, BnT are a local mobile bar service that also produce syrups available to purchase online. This friendly bunch kindly sent me some of their products to review and I was super excited to try them out.

Neatly packaged up within a cardboard box, I received a bottle of Raspberry & Basil and Pea & Mint. I am such a big fan of the packaging – The labels on the bottles are vintage looking and stunning, a beige colour which matches the cardboard packaging. In the style of old school medicine bottles, the packaging states “Symptom: Drink fatigue” and the “Remedy/Course” being the drink – An awesome touch! I love seeing a business putting more thought into their products, taking them away from being just the standard.

Bubble and Twist Twisted Syrup

I also really liked the slightly 3D element labels, with the lettering being raised. They add a modern touch to a vintage/traditional looking bottle.

Another amazing thing about BnT, before I even get to the syrups themselves, is the fact they recycle their bottles. Stated on their website, if you return the empty bottles you get a refill for £5 and added to their thank you page, encouraging people to do their own bit for our world. I absolutely love that and will definitely be getting involved with this. This element is something companies usually forget is important – It’s really great to see a small company doing their bit for the environment!

Bubble and Twist Twisted Syrup

“Every great time starts with a drink – Give your drink a BnT twist”

Bubble and Twist Twisted Syrup

Be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic, BnT syrups can be added to many different drinks.

“A drink is a great start to anything we want to do in our daily lives, from the first coffee to the last glass of water before bed and everything in between”

Each of BnT’s ‘kordials’ are handmade from start to finish in small batches using only natural ingredients, sourced locally when available. I would really suggest taking a look at their online shop – there are so many amazing flavours to choose from!

I found real inspiration from BnT’s Instagram page too, with many creative and wonderful cocktails and combinations – The ideas feel endless!

Bubble and Twist Twisted Raspberry and Basil Syrup

Raspberry & Basil Twisted Syrup

This product was the first ever creation for the BnT lab, combining tart raspberries and fresh basil to create something just magical! I have never had such a fresh tasting syrup. If I have had something raspberry flavoured before, I know it wont taste authentic, but this syrup was the complete opposite – so real and delicious.

One of my favourite snacks is rapberries and I love eating them by the punnet (probably not good for me, I know!) but I just adore the flavour. This syrup really gave me that same satisfaction – sweetness and absolute delight. By having the basil within this syrup, it takes it to the next level. It isn’t sickly sweet and tastes a bit posh… I am a big fan!

Having basil in a syrup sounds odd, it really works. I tried this one in prosecco which was recommended and it tasted delicious. One of my favourite things to add to prosecco for a bit of extra flavour is Chamboard, but I think this syrup has overtaken!

Bubble and Twist Twisted Pea and Mint Syrup

Pea & Mint

Now, I’m not going to lie, when I first heard about this one on BnT’s Instagram I thought “What the hell is that all about?!” It sounded very odd, but at the same time I was intrigued. I was thinking “What would you even have that with?“, but lucky for me, I spotted a recipe on BnT’s Instagram using this syrup which sounded good – A twisted G&T garnished with frozen peas and a mint sprig!

I tried this recipe out and it was unbelievably delicious and refreshing. You can definitely taste the peas, but somehow it really works and creates a really fresh, summery taste.

Overall I was very impressed by these lovely products. The flavours are phenomenal and I just love their branding and innovative ideas.

Which flavours would you like to try? Let me know in the comments!

Check out Bubble & Twist’s website for more information.


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