The Ultimate Vegan Food Haul with SoulBia*

SoulBia Food Haul Review

Trying out new vegan treats is honestly one of my favourite pastimes. I feel so privileged in the year of 2019 there is such a wide range of vegan products, but it’s also so much easier to access them. Some people may not have access to local shops with vegan options, which is where SoulBia comes in.

SoulBia are the one-stop shop for artisan and free-from foods, delivering across the UK. Within their online shop, there really is something for every taste. From chocolate to lentils, there are products to cover your everyday needs, products for when you’re in need of a treat and all of which can be ordered straight to your door in the most easy, convenient way!

I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the Brand Ambassador’s for SoulBia, so received an amazing haul from their vegan range to try out.

I honestly had no idea what to expect in regards to product types and brands, but when I opened up the parcel I was pleasantly surprised.

Sweet Treats

Anyone that knows me knows I absolutely love anything sweet. I feel like my sweet tooth is on another level, larger than life, so when I saw the treats from SoulBia I was super excited!

There were two types of fudge included within my parcel. One from The Fabulous Freefrom Factory – A classic fudge which was gorgeously creamy. The others from Melting Pot which came in blocks rather than pieces. Two very different flavours – The Vanilla being so sweet and smooth, the Stem Ginger and Chocolate being very flavoursome and interesting. I didn’t expect to like the Stem Ginger and Chocolate but actually, I’m a big fan!

The next sweet treat that I was super intrigued by was the Liquid Chocolate from Refuge. This cute little pot was SUCH a delight! It was just like a melted down Cadbury’s bar – I am a massive fan. I tried this one cold (straight out of the jar – oops!) and also with some milk as a hot chocolate. Both of these options worked so well, I can imagine this being lush on ice cream, pancakes, in fact… on everything! I’ll definitely be repurchasing this one – Absolutely fabulous!

Nobo were another brand included within this package. Their Mint Crunch Disc intrigued me. With very minimalistic packaging, it stood out beautifully. When opening the packaging, the chocolate matched the theme of an absolutely stunning product. Yes, it’s just chocolate, but just look at it! Perfectly rounded and decorated on top with cacao nibs, I almost didn’t want to eat it… Of course I couldn’t resist. The flavour was amazing too – I’m going to have to try their Chocolate Orange version next!

I’ve been a big fan of Vego for a while now. Not only are their original bars fabulous, their spread is on another level! When I saw they had a new Almond Bliss White bar out, I was very excited! As expected, the flavour was amazing. The white chocolate was super creamy and surprisingly, the nut pieces were a lot smaller than within the original bars, which I think worked so well! If you haven’t already, you’ve got to get your hands on this!

Savoury Goodness

Another brand within the parcel that I loved the branding for was fiid. This super convenient microwavable lunch bowl was delicious. I didn’t expect much, sometimes these microwavable meals can be mediocre, but this one was so delicious! Very fragrant and flavoursome, I could eat this again and again!

Within the rest of the parcel there were so many other amazing goodies such as lentils from Suma Wholefoods, which are an absolute classic.

As a big fan of sauerkraut (I know it sounds odd – Look up the health benefits!) I was pleased to see Carrot and Fennel Sauerkraut from The Cultured Food Co.

For creating the perfect vegan brekkie, there was Badass Bacon from Moodley Manor and Vegetarian Black Pudding from The Bury Black Pudding Company – I think these would go so well with tofu scramble and beans!

I am also very excited to try out the Focaccia and Scone Mix from The Gluten Free Patisserie. As a big fan of both focaccia and scones, making these in such a simple way sounds like an absolute dream!

Overall, I was so impressed with SoulBia.

The range of products is absolutely massive and always being updated too. Not only this, the parcel delivered was well insulated (I actually had to leave it at my neighbors over the weekend!) and the ice packs last a fair amount of time for refrigerated products, so you won’t have to worry if it’s not within your hands straight away.

Have you ever used SoulBia or tried any of these products? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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