Celebrating 1 Year of Armchair Expert | Why Dax Shepard’s Podcast Is So Close To My Heart

Armchair Expert - Dax Shepard

I use to think a podcast was just a podcast, but Armchair Expert changed everything. After being a long time lover of Dax Shepard’s personality and humour, I knew I needed to listen to his podcast when it came out in February of 2018.

If I am honest, Armchair Expert came at a pivotal point in my life. I had some big changes going on and nothing else could seem to keep my mind focused, this podcast became a safe place, a place of calm.

Armchair Expert Podcast - Dax Shepard

My interest in humans and their so called “messiness” matched that of Dax Shepard’s, quoting that Armchair Expert “finds people who are vulnerable and honest about their struggles and shortcomings to be incredibly sexy” and I totally agree.

I have always been told I am a listener, the shoulder to cry on. I like to not only know that everyone is human, but also to try and resolve said “messiness” in their life. I feel done with the days of Instagram influencers and celebrities flaunting their so called “perfect” lives, leaving the majority of people feeling left behind, underachieving.

Now, this is no ill will against anyone with a beautifully styled Instagram feed, or a beautiful face in fact, but I am more of a fan of those who are able to show some humility, some realness behind it all.

I can speak for most when I say that sometimes following celebrities and influencers can be difficult, or even just friends for that fact. Sometimes the “perfection” all gets too much, and that’s what brings me to Armchair Expert.

Not only does Dax Shepard talk about his struggles in life, he also manages to pinpoint and discuss those of guests on his podcast which I find to be eyeopening and inspiring. Pairing this reality with a comedic undertone is the making for a perfect podcast in my eyes.

Along with an excellent range of topics, there is an array of fabulous guests. From Dax’s lovely wife Kristen Bell to the amazing David Habour and even “experts” such as Dr. Phil for a different type of episode, Experts on Experts. There really is something for everyone and if you’re looking to learn something new, Armchair Expert is there for you!

In a way that people become addicted to a new TV series, I am addicted to Armchair Expert. Forever waiting for the next one to come out and even re-listening to past episodes. When that bright yellow artwork pops up with a new episode, I know I am always in for something good.

Armchair Expert Podcast - Dax Shepard

An added extra of this podcast is the Fact Check segment with Monica Padman. I love this segment of the podcast and think it’s hilarious. Just when you think the podcast is over, Monica comes in with facts against any exaggerations or moments of uncertainty in the podcast. I think it’s a great touch, we as humans generally seem to get carried away and excitable in conversation, especially when they’re humorous, so having this reality check is great.

Armchair Expert Podcast

To me, Armchair Expert brings on a feeling of new beginnings and positivity, it truly is my happy place. If you’re looking for lots of laughs and some thought provoking conversations, I really recommend giving this podcast a listen.

Have you listened to Armchair Expert before? What is your favourite episode?

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