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Crazy Bean Vegan Bookham

I find Valentines Day to be an excellent excuse to go out for dinner, so when I saw that Crazy Bean had a six course Valentine’s dinner menu, I knew that I had to go!

Crazy Bean are a fully vegan cafe/restaurant based in Bookham, Surrey. Their food is always fantastic and inside, it’s so cute and cosy. I love going here both in the daytime and evening, the service is always great and there’s so many great food choices.

For the Valentine’s night, there were twinkly fairy lights and roses on the table, an absolutely perfect setting!

Beetroot mousse, pickled beetroot and candied walnuts

Wow, what an impact. This small dish packed in so much flavour. The pickled beetroot looked so lovely rolled up and the mousse and candied walnuts are a great combination. The sweetness of the walnuts with the earthy taste of the beetroot worked so well, it’s a great contrast of flavours – I loved it!

Crazy Bean Bookham

Jerusalem artichoke soup, smoked seitan and artichoke crisps

Perfectly creamy and with the most delicious flavours, this was so much more than just your average soup. The smoked seitan tasted great with the artichoke crisps and it was great to have different textures paired with the smoothness of the soup. I really hope that Crazy Bean add this to their main menu, I could really live off of this soup!

Rich sausage cassoulet, smoked seitan, new potato fondant, creamed savoy cabbage and a red wine jus.

A hearty dish, this cassoulet had so many lovely, herby flavours. I particularly loved the creamed savoy cabbage in this dish – I really need to learn how to recreate this at home! I am a cabbage lover anyway but this was something extra special.

Lemon sorbet

A palate cleanser, perfect to break up the meal before we went onto the sweet dishes. A strong lemon flavour and the perfect scoop size!

Strawberry panna cotta with chocolate shavings, a strawberry and mint salsa and home made shortbread

The strawberry panna cotta had a great consistency which was surprising, I thought that it would be hard to replicate this classically non-vegan dish. Having the salsa and shortbread with the panna cotta really elevated the dish, making it into something very memorable. I loved the texture of the fresh strawberries and the crunch of the shortbread with the panna cotta – it all worked so well together.

A selection of sweet treats

The final course consisted of chocolate brownies, chocolate covered strawberries, raw Snickers bites and chocolate with freeze dried fruit.

I am always impressed with Crazy Bean’s cakes, so when I tried the brownie I instantly knew I’d love it. Perfectly chocolatey and gooey – Heaven!

The raw Snickers was great too – Fantastic flavours and it’s great to see Crazy Bean serving up raw vegan options too!

The chocolate with freeze dried fruit was gorgeous and made by a chocolatiers just down the road, Ildiko’s. I definitely need to pop in and see what other vegan options they have.

Overall, I loved this meal! The six course tasting menu was absolutely gorgeous, even my boyfriend who isn’t vegan thought so! As always, Crazy Bean have done a fantastic job.

Have you been to Crazy Bean before? Which dishes have you tried?

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