When Marks & Spencer’s new Plant Kitchen range came out I was absolutely buzzing, the only problem was that there is so much to choose from!

So far I’ve tried the Lasagne and their Cashew Mac (both of which were gorgeous!) but I was very intrigued by the Fishless Fishcakes.

In the past, vegan fishcakes or fish fingers that I have tried have been made of tofu or Quorn, so the fact that these ones are made of jackfruit had me interested!

Marks and Spencer's Plant Kitchen FIshless Fishcakes

Previously I have used jackfruit as a pulled pork substitute but never for fish. After trying these, I can confirm that jackfruit works so well as a fish substitute. The flaky jackfruit texture paired with the crisp crumb was perfect and very similar to a non-vegan fishcake.

The ingredients of the fishcakes include gherkins and capers which added the fish-like flavour. It made me happy to see natural ingredients used for this part and something other than seaweed which I thought was a great idea.

Marks and Spencer's Plant Kitchen FIshless Fishcakes

When cooking up these fishcakes, there wasn’t an overpowering fish-like smell that some vegan fishcakes have. They were very chunky and did not lose their shape when cooking which was great. I cooked up two but honestly could have just had one, they were so filling!

One of the main ingredients of these fishcakes is pinto beans which added an almost creamy element to the fishcake, stopping them from being dry and falling apart as if they were just full of jackfruit, I don’t think they would hold together.

Marks and Spencer's Plant Kitchen FIshless Fishcakes

Overall, I really liked these fishcakes. If you’re looking for something that is 100% the same as fish, I wouldn’t say these are the one, but they are great as something similar and do have a lovely flavour to them.

Have you tried any of the Plant Kitchen range? Which product is your favourite?

Marks and Spencer's Plant Kitchen FIshless Fishcakes

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