Marks & Spencer’s New Plant Kitchen Range | Cashew Mac Review

Marks and Spencer Plant Kitchen - Creamy Mac

Today’s the day, Marks & Spencer launched their brand new vegan range, Plant Kitchen.

Made up of over 50 dishes, the Plant Kitchen range is bringing delicious vegan food to another UK supermarket and I’m sure I speak for many people when saying I am so damn pleased! Making easy vegan options more accessible is really showing people that veganism isn’t all about lettuce leaves and green smoothies which is what my blog is all about too – Normalizing it!

I’ve previously tried Marks and Spencer’s Veggie Chunks which are delicious, so I will definitely be working my way through their new vegan range.

Of course, the range launched today so I thought I would run down to M&S on my lunch and treat myself to one of their dishes. From Cauliflower Popcorn to Dirty Fries, the decision was difficult. In the end, I decided on their Cashew Mac. I absolutely love mac and cheese, so any vegan variation I just have to try!

At first bite, this dish tasted slightly sweet. I am becoming use to the coconut based cheese alternatives in vegan mac and cheese so having something different was very pleasant. For someone who’s perhaps doing Veganuary, wanting to try something different or just fed up of the standard vegan mac and cheese dishes out at the moment, this one’s for you! The flavours are very subtle but very nice in my opinion, no overpowering fake cheese flavours.

I love that this dish has a hint of mustard. When I make mac and cheese, I always add mustard powder, it just adds some extra pizzazz and I think it works so well!

The paprika crumb was a great touch, adding a different element of texture to this dish which made it more interesting. I would have liked more of the crumb though as when moving it over to a bowl, there actually wasn’t that much there… Perhaps that’s me being greedy!

As a person that isn’t too keen on mushrooms (and a former mushroom hater), I actually quite liked the mushrooms in this dish. They had a nice flavour and the texture was great too. I always think, why ruin a fabulous mac and cheese dish with mushrooms? In this case I was wrong and very pleasantly surprised!

What dishes are you looking forward to trying from Plant Kitchen?

Next up for me I am going to try and get my hands on the No Beef Burger, the No Pork Sausoyges and their soya based cream.

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