Review: Ugo Thrive Pumpkin & Sage Raviolini

A fresh pasta that’s actually vegan? Hallelujah!

I am a complete pasta addict and really miss the convenience of being able to buy delicious, fresh pasta from the supermarket, but times have changed!

Ugo Thrive have a range of pastas including some of which are suitable for vegans – Chickpea Fusilli, Gluten Free Penne and the Gluten Free Pumpkin and Sage Ravolini which I am reviewing in this post.


I was first attracted to this product because of the bold packaging, it really stood out on the shelf. Initially I was convinced that this delicious sounding product wouldn’t be vegan but there it was right on the front of the package, the vegan sign!

These diddy ravolini’s took one minute to cook (how crazy!) and were so creamy. They were perfectly soft and had a subtle, fragrant taste. I decided to try these without any sauce to get a real gauge of the flavours but of course, topped with a bit of cheese!


I can’t believe how easy it was to cook this up, creating the perfect dinner in literally one minute! I don’t think this requires any sauce as it worked so well with just a sprinkling of Follow Your Heart Parmesan, but I can imagine a light tomato sauce working well too.

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the other products from Ugo Thrive to review as I was very impressed by this one.

Have you tried any of the products from Ugo Thrive? What do you think?

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