Review: Ananda’s Vegan Marshmallows & Round Up!

Ananda's Vegan Marshmallows

Growing up as a 90’s kid, I have so many fond memories of different sweets. Dream bars, Mingles, Candy Sticks and best of all, Wagon Wheels!

Now finding these treats as a vegan is an absolute pain, but Ananda’s has come to my rescue with vegan Wagon Wheels!

After purchasing some goodies from Ananda’s from the Just V Show, I absolutely couldn’t wait to try them. I had seen these delicious products online so many times but for some reason hadn’t got around to purchasing them, please note, never make the same mistake I did – Get ordering now!

These products are absolutely to die for. The marshmallow is so thick, fluffy, sweet and overall just gorgeous!


I purchased the classic Wagon Wheel which was a very difficult choice as their range of Round Up’s is amazing – Classic, Mint, Orange and even Salted Caramel!


Eventually, I went for the Classic. Described as having a “dollop of strawberry jam and coated in the finest dark Belgian chocolate” – Could anything sound more appealing?!


The taste of this product really lives up to the description, it was amazing! This product is so much thicker than a normal Wagon Wheel which works so well – Much more room for the marshmallow! The jam was lovely and sweet but not overpowering and the dark chocolate coating was so creamy. Also, check out the cute “Eat Me” when you open the package up – I am in love!

I was really keen to try the marshmallows alone too as I wanted to know if the marshmallow itself was actually any good, or if it was all of the lovely chocolate and jam that surrounded it.


This little bag had some lovely cubes of marshmallow. I wanted to try these out on a hot chocolate or toasted, but I started eating them and all of a sudden, I’d finished the bag! I think that says a lot. These were deliciously sweet and had a great texture, I will definitely be repurchasing to try them out in different things, I’m thinking of making some s’mores!

Ananda’s also have a range of flavours for their marshmallows such as vanilla, coconut, mocha and many more. I seriously need to make a massive order from their website, it all looks SO lush.

Have you tried any products from Ananda’s? What would you recommend that I try next?

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