Review: Bonsan Almond Creme Bell Pepper Cream Cheese

Bonsan Vegan Almond Creme Bell Pepper Cheese

Ooh cheese – The way to my heart!

I love trying new vegan cheese – I feel like the variety is endless. Before going vegan I couldn’t imagine a life without cheese, but now I can see that cheese can be replicated in so many ways and SO easily.

I spotted Bonsan’s products in Food for Thought, Guildford which included the Organic Kofu Spiced Chunks, a few variations of the almond spreadable cheese and the Kofu Steaks.

The Kofu products are something I hadn’t seen anything similar to before – All of these being made with fermented kombucha cultured tofu, hence the name Kofu. Now unfortunately because my body is odd I can’t have caffeine, so no kombucha for me, but I am very keen to try these products so may have to risk it and try a bite of them all!

I did however purchase the bell pepper almond cheese and am keen to get my hands on the Garlic Aioli too, imagine that with chips… lush!


The almond cheese had the perfect texture, just like ‘normal’ cream cheese. Think Philadelphia but the flavour was just another level completely. Slightly sweet, punchy, absolutely awesome! I had this cheese with veggies and spread on a bagel – It was phenomenal, what a treat!


I think this cheese would work so well as a creamy sauce on pasta too so will definitely be getting another tub to try that out.


Have you heard of Bonsan? Which products would you like to try?

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