Vego Hazelnut Chocolate Spread Review

Vego Hazelnut Spread

If it’s sweet and it’s vegan, I need it in my life!

Vego is a brand well known in the vegan community for their delicious hazelnut chocolate bars. Creamy with the perfect amount of nuts, I absolutely fell in love when I was first introduced to them. When I heard they had a new product coming out I just knew I needed to get my hands on it.

A spreadable version of one of my favourite chocolate bars? It seems to good to be true. Something with a similar vibe to Nutella, surely it can’t be on that level of lushness?!

Hell yeah it can!

Ooh, perfect straight outta the jar when you’re having a bad day. Or even a good day! It’s just perfect. The consistency is the same as Nutella (thickness-wise) but with crunchy pieces in it which works so well!

I picked this up from Food for Thought in Guildford but I believe The Vegan Kind Supermarket stocks this now for all who are not local to the Surrey area.I cannot recommend this product enough. I think it would work really well as a filling in croissants or as a topping for pancakes, can’t wait to get cooking with this!

What would you use it for?

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  1. We got this from QVH in Glasgow before the TVK one arrived and they’re still in the fridge. I am not a fan of Vego.. hubby is though. But even he doesn’t eat it that much.. gimme Biscoff spread though, THAT I can eat by the spoon 🙂

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