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Perkier Bars

When I went to the Just V Show/Allergy and Free From Show I met so many amazing people, one of these being Ann Perkins, the Founder of Perkier. What a lovely lady – so friendly and engaging, giving out samples of her bars left, right and center.

Sometimes I find fruit and nut based bars to be dull and something that isn’t that memorable – Perkier’s bars are the complete opposite! These bars are not only full of goodness but also full of flavour.


All of the bars are delicious. Truly, there isn’t one that I dislike. My top two at the moment are the Peanut and Cacao & Cashew.


The Peanut has an amazing amount of crunch contrasted with the lightness of the quinoa puffs. The peanuts themselves are delicious too – I am well and truly obsessed with this bar.


The Cacao & Cashew is equally as delicious but more on the sweet side. This is the perfect treat for after dinner and is full of goodness too, rather than a typical pudding being full of rubbish!


I am a big fan of Perkier’s branding too – It’s so bright, engaging and exciting, just like the owner herself! When meeting Ann at the Just V Show/Allergy & Free From Show, she was asking people to do Boomerang’s on her Instagram which I thought was so much fun and a great way of engaging with potential consumers.


Perkier also have a range of quick and convenient quinoa porridge pots which have just come out. I am yet to try but I absolutely love quinoa in my porridge and they’re made using coconut milk, so as a vegan I’m very pleased!

Have you tried any of Perkier’s products? Which one is your favourite?

*Please note, I have been gifted these products from the brand but all views are my own. If you would like me to review your product or if you have any questions, head to my Work With Me page.

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