Review: Pick ‘n’ Melt Wax Melt Subscription*

Pick n Melt Wax Melt

I’m not just a ‘candle on a winters night‘ kinda gal – I love them all the time!ย For every mood I’m feeling, there’s always a candle to suit. The flicker of the flame and a comforting scent always makes for a perfect vibe at home.

So instead of going out and getting different candles every month, why not sign up for a subscription? Makes sense, right? But it’s still something I haven’t ever done until Pick ‘n’ Melt came along!

Pick ‘n’ Melt are a fabulous company run by a husband and wife team aiming to bring the same exciting feeling you get when choosing your favourite sweets into your home through their products.

All products from Pick ‘n’ Melt are handmade using soy wax and all suitable for vegans – Wahoo! As a complete candle fiend, it makes me super happy knowing I can browse their website with no worries.

When choosing my wax melts I knew I would find great difficulty as their range is huge, so I’m excited for next month to get ordering more! The process with subscriptions is so simple – You receive an email as a reminder to pick your scents for the month and away you go!


For my first month, I went with a complete variety to get a feel for all of the different types. On the more ‘classic’ scent side, I went with Clean Cotton, Baby Powder, Spiced Orange and Vanilla.

Of course, I had to get some pick ‘n’ mix themed sweet scents which included Pear Drops, Rhubarb, Pixy Dust and Custard and Banana.

I also went for some that I thought sounded interesting, including Fresh Bread, White Chocolate Cookies and Fresh Cut Grass.


When my parcel arrived, the packaging was gorgeous. I love the classic stripe in a modern orange and the paper bag for the wax melts, it all tied in so well! Not only was this visually pleasing, the products were well supported by paper packaging ensuring they didn’t break.


Now, onto the scents!

Sometimes from wax melts, you get hardly any scent. This can be extremely frustrating, especially when spending a fair amount of money on a product. I can honestly say that Pick ‘n’ Melt are the opposite. When the first wax melt I used started melting, the scent filled the room and even after blowing it out, it actually lasted for a while! This is exactly what I want from wax melts and candles so I’m pleased to see Pick ‘n’ Melt’s products do this.

Out of all I have tried, my favourite so far is Fresh Cut Grass. Unfortunately, the British summer time appears to have left for the past week or so, so this fresh scent is keeping my hopes up in the meantime!


Along with the wax melts being fantastic, I really like the wax warmer that came with it.

Previously I have had smaller wax warmers and when wanting to mix wax melts, it can be so close to overflowing. Also, when removing the wax to put a new one in, it can be a pain.

This wax warmer was is so convenient. When changing the wax the top part is fully removable making changing wax melts so much easier. Also, the area where the wax melts is larger too, meaning I can finally mix and have no worries! I can’t wait to start creating some different scents, I’m thinking of starting with vanilla and cappuccino, I feel like this would smell like absolute heaven!

Overall, I am really impressed by Pick ‘n’ Melt. Their range of scents is fantastic and I would highly recommend putting an order in, you won’t be disappointed!

Have you heard of Pick ‘n’ Melt? Which scent would you most like to try?

*Please note, these products have been sent to me from Pick ‘n’ Melt to review but all views are my own. If you would like me to review a product or have any questions, head to my Work With Me page.

18 thoughts on “Review: Pick ‘n’ Melt Wax Melt Subscription*

  1. Scents have the power to transport us to different places and times and that is why I love them so! These look amazing and there is literally a scent for every mood. I will check them out. ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธโœŒ๐Ÿป

  2. These look amazing! I am a candle fiend too haha! I love the packaging, makes them look like little treats! I use wax melts regularly so it’s really interesting to find one which you can subscribe too. The fresh grass scent sounds gorgeous- I love anything fresh and clean smelling. Thanks for sharing these Sammy as I’ll definitely look into them! xx

  3. White chocolate cookies ooooh that sounds delicious. I love scented candles so much but I’ve never tried wax melts. I love the cute pick n mix packaging
    Lon x

  4. Their branding is adorable, and it’s so funny that they have to warn people not to eat them!! I’ve never seen such amazing scents either!
    jenny x |

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