Review: FRAW – 100% Natural Frozen Smoothie Kits*

Fraw Smoothie Kits

After strolling around The Just V Show for a while, my friend and I decided to get smoothies from FRAW as a little pick me up. I loved the branding, the cute cups, the guys making these smoothies were super friendly too and the taste, oh, the taste!

I tried the Cleanse smoothie at The Just V Show which had a truly phenomenal flavour. It is such a memorable one and has stuck in my brain, so I knew I would want to try the whole range!


Amazingly, FRAW offered to send me the whole range to try (& a discount code! Use BAKEY15 for 15% off). The kits are delivered in bright blue boxes, clearly stated that the products need to be kept frozen. All of the products are packed in so neatly, so when opening it up I was super excited to try it all!


For each individual smoothie there is a cup, frozen fruit packet and powder packet which are all clearly labelled so there’s no confusion.

There are three flavours – Cleanse, Energise and Immunity (love the names!), all of which come with 100% recyclable packaging. The cups make this product so convenient, I love smoothies on the go. Fraw have so many great elements to their brand, including:

  • Ingredients are measured to exactly what you need, so there is no food wastage 
  • All cups contain 2 of your 5 a day
  • Minimum effort – Everything is readily measured. The whole product is highly convenient making getting in goodness super easy

I had each flavour with almond milk which is so simple to measure – Just fill it up to the line on the cup and then bung it in the blender!

At The Just V Show I had mine with hazelnut milk which worked so well too. I will definitely be getting more and trying them out with juices too as I’m interested in how the tastes/textures will differ.


Pineapple, mango, spinach, kale, avocado & ginger with flax seed, moringa, spirulina & wheatgrass

This delicious green smoothie is so full of goodness and tastes like it too! With a hint of sweetness from the pineapple and mango, there is the perfect balance of earthy greens and natural sugars.

I am a big fan of green smoothies so love the natural, earthy tastes from the spinach, kale, moringa, spirulina and wheatgrass but I completely understand that some don’t. The avocado made this creamy and the sweetness took this smoothie to the next level. My boyfriend (usually a green smoothie hater) loved this one!


Strawberry, banana, pomegranate, blueberry & acai with flax seed, cacao, maca & gurana

Oooh, this one is lovely! It has subtle flavours so I think this one would be great for smoothie newbies (a new term I’ve just come up with, think that should catch on!)

The banana taste cuts through and the smell of the cacao is just fabulous. You can taste the berries and acai in a subtle way and overall, I think this smoothie is great. All of the flavours work so well together and the colour is beaut!


Mango, peach, banana, carrot, sweet potato & coconut with flax seed, baobab, turmeric & ginger

This one was thick and gorgeous, almost the consistency of nice cream (if you haven’t tried nice cream, go go go! It’s the best) The creaminess was amazing along with the flavour of turmeric. I’ve become a massive fan of turmeric latte’s lately, so I am very pleased to have this amazing flavour in smoothie form too!

Overall, I love FRAW and all that they stand for. Their whole concept is amazing and the flavours are so delicious, I highly recommend trying them out!

Which smoothie do you like the sound of the most? Have you tried anything from FRAW before?

If you’re loving the sound of Fraw, use BAKEY15 for 15% off!

*Please note, I have been sent these products from FRAW to review but all views are 100% my own. If you would like me to review a product or you have any questions, take a look at my Work With Me page for more info.

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  1. Recyclable packaging AND 2 of your 5 a day?! I want! Haha. The flavours sound delish, I love the sound of the Cleanse one as I love green smoothies. I love how easy they look to make too as it saves so much fuss! Definitely will be checking these out x

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