Review: The Vegan Treaterie Mini Chocolate & Hazelnut Cookie Bites*

The Vegan Treaterie Cookies

As someone with a sweet tooth, vegan cookies are my idea of heaven. Any time, any day, any situation, a cookie is the answer… but what about mini cookie bites?

The Vegan Treaterie produce both gluten and dairy free treats that are not only delicious but beautifully packaged too (and their packaging is 100% recyclable!). The Vegan Treaterie have cookies in a range of flavours – Pistachio & Lemon, Ginger & Walnut, Chocolate & Peanut and Chocolate & Hazelnut, so there’s something for everyone.

When I won the competition on Instagram to review The Vegan Treaterie’s new cookie bites, I was very excited. I couldn’t wait to see what type of cookies they would be and if they tasted as good as they look in the pictures!


Cookies can take many different forms, these were perfectly crunchy with an excellent amount of chocolate chips. By the first bite I was extremely impressed and completely addicted!


Although crunchy, they definitely weren’t dry and were full of flavour. They took me back to my childhood and remind me of Maryland Cookies but are honestly so much better than that.


Of course, I had to do the ultimate test – How well do these cookies go with milk?


I say milk but I’m vegan, duh! I poured out a mug of Pip & Nut Unsweetened Almond and got going! Dipped in, slurped with, they go so well with milk. The cold milk with that crunch… The perfect treat!


So, how well do they match up against your usual, standard sized cookie?

Go big or go home, they say. Well, that phrase doesn’t apply here. Having bite sized cookies in my cupboard is actually something I prefer to standard size. Not only will I eat less of them in one go (I am a complete cookie fiend), I just think these bites are great for sharing with friends and family, perfect for dunking in milk and excellent for a sneaky midnight snack!

What do you think of bite-sized cookies? Is this a product you would try? I can’t wait until the full range of these is out – I want to try every flavour!

*Please note, this product was sent to me to review but all views are 100% my own. Any questions or if you want me to review your product, take a look at my Work With Me page.

15 thoughts on “Review: The Vegan Treaterie Mini Chocolate & Hazelnut Cookie Bites*

  1. These sound so yummy…really unique flavors. I love the simple packaging too because it shows off the goods!😍❀️✌🏻

  2. Sammy these look so delicious! I love a crunchy cookie. And I love the recyclable packaging plus the fact that they are mini bite sized. DEEEEELICIOUS. Great review lovely!

  3. Omg I want some right now! Haha! Absolutely craving them- I love cookies but these look so unique and different! Love how they went for recyclable packaging too- always a win with me! x

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