Yes To Coconuts Skincare Review*

Yes To Coconuts Skincare

Yes To are a brand I have always noticed on Asos. Their eye-catching packaging and interesting sounding products have always been stuck in my mind, so when I was offered the chance to review their new Coconut range, I was very excited!

Yes To are a cruelty free, vegan brand made with recyclable materials, so all around amazing!

I tested these products on a recent holiday to Mallorca and what a perfect time to do so – The sweet coconut smell is such a holiday scent!

Cleansing Wipes

Face wipes are a product I know a lot of people are phasing out of their beauty routines due to the environmental factor, luckily Yes To have that covered. These wipes are made with 100% cellulose, a natural polymer that forms part of the living cells of all vegetation. Cellulose is biodegradable, compostable and renewable, making these wipes no longer a single-use, environmentally harming product.

Not only is this product better for the environment, the wipes are super refreshing too! I haven’t had cleansing wipes in my beauty routine for years but these were great. I kept using them after being out in the heat all day, they kept my skin feeling moisturised and cooled me down. I would recommend these for no makeup days to perk up your skin.

Ultra Hydrating Paper Mask

One evening before going out for dinner I used the Paper Mask which was just lovely. I absolutely adore doing a face mask, not only do I enjoy them for healing my skin, I find them great for relaxing.

When this face mask came out of the packet, it was quite heavy as it was full of liquid – A good sign! There’s nothing worse than a dry sheet mask.

On application, it was lovely and cold, perfect for using in the hot weather whilst on holiday! There was a slight tingly feeling on my skin after a few minutes, so I knew it was working it’s magic.

The material was very smooth, so when removing the mask my skin felt so soft, moisturised and refreshed. I can imagine using this again in the future with cucumber on my eyes, chilling out for a good while… Bliss!

Coconut Oil Stick

A product I never knew I needed, I am absolutely addicted! While being in the sun all day on holiday, sometimes my skin was left feeling dry so I was applying this all over to see what would happen!

Applying a small amount and rubbing it in worked so well for during the day. It absorbed surprisingly quickly and I will definitely be using this over my standard moisturiser from now on!

I also tried using this overnight, adding a thicker layer onto my skin to absorb. This worked well and my skin felt fabulous by morning!

Not only does this have great packaging with a roll up feature for ease, it smells great and doesn’t leave any sort of greasy residue.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really loved these products from Yes To’s Coconut range. I think all of these products are great and am very excited to repurchase and try out more from the range.

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