Review: Nush Almond Milk Cheese

Nush Almond Milk Cheese

Has anyone been this excited about cheese?! Probably not.

When I saw Nush tweet out this new product on Monday, I knew I had to get my hands on this asap. I got myself over to Food for Thought in Guildford on Wednesday just after their delivery and boom, they were MINE!

Nush have delicious dairy free yoghurt options using almonds and cashews (my favourite is the Cashew Yoghurt in strawberry) but now have ventured into the world of dairy free cheese and quite honestly, I am so pleased they have.

Every product I have tried from Nush is high quality and so indulgent, a real treat, so I knew their cheese would be good. Their packaging is always clean and simple too, very stand out on the shelf, so I’m glad they stuck to this with their cheese packaging too.

There are two options available at the moment – Natural and Chive. I really couldn’t decide between the two so I had to go for both!

The Natural is beautiful and rich, I really enjoyed scoffing this on crackers but also it worked so well in a cream sauce. I just added a dollop of the cheese, some almond milk and a teeny bit of nutritional yeast and it was lush! I felt like I was eating something luxury rather than your standard ol’ mac n cheese.

The Chive has such an amazing flavour. I can imagine adding a spoonful of this on top of a chilli or making into a sauce for pouring on top of veggies. I tried this one only on crackers and it was so delicious, I’ve actually nearly finished the whole pot and I’ve only had it four days, oops!

Overall, for a cheese addict like me I am thrilled another excellent dairy free cheese has hit the shelves. They both have a creamy and thick texture, amazing flavour and are very versatile, I can’t wait to start cooking more with them! If you see these cheeses, pick up both. You won’t regret it!


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  1. Ooh I need to try these! I haven’t tried almond milk cheese before, only coconut milk and cashew nut- they sound so good! Helpful that you can buy them in stores as some of the best I have tried are only available online which is a pain. I am legit craving the chive one on some crackers right now! >< <3 x

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