Review: Sambazon Frozen Pure Açaí Berry*

Sambazon Frozen Pure Acai Berry

Açaí bowls are something always popping up on my Instagram. Beautiful, well constructed and highly nutritious so I was keen to try out this product and attempt to make my own.

Sambazon are the only certified organic and Fairtrade açaí brand in the UK, differing to conventional and low açaí content products that have previously been available over here.

Taking its name from its core goal, Sambazon stands for the Sustainable Management of the Brazilian Amazon. Through each product you are not only improving your health but also helping to preserve the rainforest and the families that farm there. Here are some some key points within Sambazon’s mission:

  • Sambazon products are certified organic as well as Fairtrade
  • Pioneers in hand harvesting – Picking Açaí by hand minimally impacts the environment
  • Preventing deforestation – Over 2,000,000 hectares saved to date
  • Paying fair wages to support 30,000+ family farmers
  • Reinvesting in the community by building local schools and hospitals
  • Closing the loop – The factories use the Açaí seeds as fuel while the rest are donated to locals who turn them into jewellery

Pronounced ah-sigh-ee, this fruit is grown on tall trees in the Amazon Rainforest. Seriously, Google it, they are fascinating looking plants.

This fabulous fruit product is naturally sugar free, full of antioxidants, fibre, protein and omegas 3-6-9 – What more could you want from a fruit?!


This Superfruit Pack looked stunning when I opened my parcel, the rich purple colours of the branding really captured the colouring of the fruit.

When it comes to recipes, Sambazon had me covered, stating measurements for an açaí bowl or smoothie not only on the outer packaging, but on each individual sachet of the frozen fruit. I decided on this occasion to try making an açaí bowl, I’m forever drinking smoothies so this is something a little different.


I ran some water over the sachets and chucked them in a blender along with a banana and some almond milk. After whizzing a few times, my beautiful purple concoction was created!

It looked stunning, but I wanted to add a little more decoration to it, making a slightly mediocre looking açaí bowl, but hey, no judgement! It was my first time trying.


I added flax seeds, blueberries, desiccated coconut, oats and some PBFit drizzled on top. It was a delicious combination and very filling. I can imagine chia seeds being great with this and perhaps for a sweet treat, some Sweet Freedom Choc Shot or some melted raw chocolate – Yum!

The açaí itself has a mild flavour, slightly nutty and so very versatile. I think this is something I will be introducing into my diet regularly as the taste is so subtle, I think it would work well in many different smoothies.


The packs are available currently at Whole Foods and Ocado at around £4.00 for a packet of four sachets which I think is reasonable for such a good product.

Have you tried açaí? Let me know your favourite way of scoffing this amazing fruit!

* Please note, I was sent this product by Palm PR on behalf of Sambazon but all views are my own. Any questions, please get in contact with me directly here.

19 thoughts on “Review: Sambazon Frozen Pure Açaí Berry*

  1. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had acai berries..maybe in dried form? Very good for antioxidants so I prob ought to eat more. I was at a WFBP event yesterday and been shamed (well, internally) to eat better and be less of a junk food vegan

  2. I adore acai so much and used to have it all the time when I was living in Australia. This is the first time I’ve seen the frozen packets available over here so I’m excited to try these! Thanks for sharing xx

  3. I’ve actually never tried acai before, sounds like an amazing fruit though, definitely want to give it a go as this bowl looks delicious!!

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