Review: Marks & Spencer Veggie Chunks

Marks and Spencer Veggie Chunks

Marks & Spencer seem to be on a mission at the moment, bringing out new vegan options left, right and center. Along with this vegan chicken replacement, I’ve tried their Coconut & Cocoa Drink and their Edamame Veggie Burgers, both of which were amazing!

I’ve previously reviewed Lidl’s Vegan Chicken Style Pieces so was super keen to try out Marks & Spencer’s version of it in hope that it would be just as good!

What I liked about this product firstly is the fact that it is clearly marked as vegan on the front, smack bang in the middle of the packaging. Secondly, the simple ingredients – Water, Soya Protein Concentrate, Salt and Natural Flavouring.

Flavourwise, this one seemed to have less than the Lidl version, but not in a bad way. It tastes great and will be something I wouldn’t just eat alone, so more than likely there will be other flavours surrounding it, or I will add other flavours to this product to enhance it, overall making it a more versatile product.

The texture of this is great and it cooked well. I pan fried it for just over five minutes and it had a perfect, mock chicken texture. I love that there are different sized pieces in it too, it switches up the texture and makes it into a more realistic meat substitution with some bits being squidgy and some being crispy – Fab! Although, if you’re not a fan of realistic textures of meat, I would avoid this one!

Along with this, Marks and Spencer’s have produced a range of vegan products, from the Cocoa and Coconut Drink which I’ve reviewed here (hint, it’s lush!) to vegan mince and the Gianduja Bar which is very close to a very popular vegan product, the Vego bar.

Have you tried any of Marks & Spencer’s vegan products? If so, let me know what I should be trying next!

2018 is such an exciting time for veganism – I hope Marks & Spencer’s have got more vegan products in the works too!

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