Review: The Plantifull Food Co. Three-Bean Chilli*

The Plantifull Food Co. Three-Bean Chilli

If you haven’t heard of The Plantifull Food Co., where have you been?! Adam and Becca are shaking things up with their healthy, convenient microwave meals that are plant based – You’ve got to try them.

I’ve previously tried both of their Mac & Cheese’s (one of them being gluten free) and I fell in love. I am someone who really enjoys cooking but sometimes I have a lazy moment, don’t we all? It’s great to see a vegan mac & cheese which isn’t full of rubbish ingredients making its way onto the shelves but fear not, if you’re not a mac & cheese lover, there are other options!

Wrapped up in their cutely designed packaging, their three-bean chilli is so yummy. When cooking this up (3 mins in the microwave – YES!) it smells absolutely phenomenal.

The texture of this was lovely and thick without being stodgy, very filling and a great portion size. The flavour is great too, a little hint of spice and the cinnamon really comes through in both taste and smell. I was surprised how well the cinnamon worked and will definitely be adding to my home made chilli’s in the future.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that there are no mock meats included in this which I loved, proves that a great meal can be made from legumes and grains and still have an excellent texture/flavour.

Have you tried any products by The Plantifull Food Co.? If not, get on it! Their food is fabulous.

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*Please note, with both this purchase & the purchase of Plantifull Food Co’s Creamy Mac, I was not a Brand Ambassador at this point so purchased the products myself. I have since added my discount code to be used. Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me directly here.
Ingredients: Tomatoes, Brown rice, Black beans, Kidney beans, Haricot Beans, Onions, Carrots, Red pepper, Vinegar, Rapeseed oil, Tomato paste, Miso (Water, Soya beans, Rice, Salt), Garlic powder, Vegetable stock powder (Salt, Sugar, Yeast extracts, Dried vegetables: Onion, Leek, Carrot, Sunflower oil, Ground tumeric, Black pepper, Parsley), Chilli powder, Brown sugar, Cocoa powder, Coffee powder, Ground cumin, Oregano, Salt, Paprika, Cinnamon.

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