Review: Freaks of Nature Choc & Awe Dairy Free Cheesecake

Freaks Of Nature make sweet treats full of only the good stuff which don’t compromise on flavour. I really dislike it when brands produce ‘healthy’ sweet products which are dull, Freaks Of Nature are the complete opposite.

The founder of Freaks Of Nature, Peter Ahye, has an awesome story behind him. After becoming a chartered accountant, he saw there was a lack of sweet products out there for people with intolerances and from this, Freaks Of Nature was born.

Freaks Of Nature have a great range of puddings – Cocoa Loco pud, Mango Fandango pud, Strawberry Blonde cheesecake and the Choc & Awe cheesecake which I have reviewed below.


The first layer is a sweet chocolate and caramel ganache-like topping with lovely, creamy oats underneath. There is a hint of coconut flavour to this and it tastes very close to a normal cheesecake, there is a slight cream cheese flavour (I don’t know how they do it!)

This pud has the perfect amount of sweetness without being sickly. I would definitely repurchase.

Have you tried any of Freaks Of Nature’s products? If so, let me know what I should try next!


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