Review: Organic Vegan Chicken Style Pieces by Lidl UK

Organic Vegan Chicken Style Pieces by Lidl UK

I was in Lidl a few weeks ago picking up some veggies and I spotted this ‘chicken’ – How awesome! I didn’t know Lidl sold this so I had to buy it.

Clearly marked as vegan and gluten free, this product actually looks like chicken which may be odd to some people but I was keen to try it regardless.

Before cooking, these pieces are slightly squidy like real chicken. If I’m honest, when I chucked it in the pan I thought it was rather dull looking but as it started cooking in a little bit of oil, it smelt absolutely delicious and browned slightly.

I added these into pitta breads with salad and mustard, it was lovely. The ‘chicken’ tastes weirdly real so if you’re not into overly realistic mock meats, I wouldn’t recommend.

I can’t wait to purchase this again. I think it would work well in a vegan chicken Alfredo or a paella.

Have you tried any vegan products from Lidl? What should I try next?

3 thoughts on “Review: Organic Vegan Chicken Style Pieces by Lidl UK

  1. I’ve been wanting to cut down on meat more but it’s quite difficult (and not very cost-effective) cooking for my partner and his little one and then cooking a separate meal for myself. I’m definitely going to head out and grab a few packs of this! Thank you for posting – I shop at Aldi now as it’s closer so have totally missed out on Lidl launching vegan goodies!

    1. It’s very good so I would really recommend. I’ve been told they have a few other versions of it too which I haven’t seen. You should look at Tesco & Sainsbury’s own brand vegan options. They have mince etc. which is all reasonably priced. Some of it is so good that my boyfriend (non vegan) even eats it! Hope this helps ๐Ÿ˜Š

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