Review: Marks & Spencer’s Coconut and Cocoa Drink

I spotted this drink in Marks & Spencer’s and was initially drawn in by the beautiful printed packaging and the diddy carton, then picked it up because it’s clearly marked as vegan!


If you have been reading my blog or following my Twitter/Instagram for a while, you will probably realise that I have a sweet tooth, so when I saw a vegan milkshake IΒ hadΒ to get it.


I was pleasantly surprised, expecting this to have quite a thin consistency but it was the opposite. Thick and creamy, this milkshake was super refreshing straight from the fridge.

Sweet but not sickly with a dark chocolate flavour. There is a light powdery taste from the cocoa powder but nothing too overpowering, I still thought this was delicious.

I’m so glad I purchased two of these, I can enjoy this again in a few days time! I’m loving that this was clearly marked as vegan too, it seems that M&S are bringing out more vegan options which is great. I haven’t managed to try any of these yet but please let me know if you have and have any recommendations!

9 thoughts on “Review: Marks & Spencer’s Coconut and Cocoa Drink

  1. Ooh I’d love to try these. The fact they are thick and creamy sounds good, as I’ve tried a bunch of coconut waters before and can never convince myself to like the flavour, but I LOVE thicker drinks with coconut in them. Loved your review!
    Emma x

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