Review: Fit 4 a Kiing Activated Charcoal Toothpaste & Exfoliating Mask

Fit 4 a Kiing Charcoal Toothpaste and Facemask

I came across Fit 4 a Kiing at the Kingston Yoga & Vegan Festival, hosted by Yogific. This was a great event with so many different brands but Fit 4 a Kiing were one that caught my eye.

I was firstly intrigued by the charcoal face mask. I had been keen to try a charcoal mask for a while and to hear it’s an exfoliating one was a massive benefit too. I love when taking a mask off that it has that something a little bit extra.

When hearing the charcoal toothpaste had a mint flavour to it I knew I needed this too. I had tried the Toothy Tabs by Lush and not loved them due to the flavour, so this sounded worth buying.


I purchased a gift pack (saving me £1 rather than buying the products separately – Woo!) which included both of these products for £15.

The face mask has excellent sized pieces in it for exfoliating to really make your face smooth and is left feeling so clean.

I applied this using a flat foundation style makeup brush as it had quite a thin consistency which worked well, although I think applying with your hands would work, just may take a little longer.

In the picture I had only just applied this so it looks quite wet but after 10 minutes this dried well.

When washing this off, it did leave some colour stained on my face so I did have to use a babywipe to remove this but it wasn’t a hassle, so I would still recommend. It’s a real treat for your face, leaving your skin feeling beautiful.

The toothpaste does look scary/unusual because it’s black, but the flavour is excellent! This is a toothpaste I am beginning to use every other day and I am already seeing my teeth getting whiter.

Have you tried anything from Fit 4 a Kiing or any other charcoal based products? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for great review, so happy you are loving our products! Please feel free to leave us a comment on our website review page and when you are ready to repurchase, let us know via the website contact page for your 20%discount. Love Fit 4 a Kiing

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