Review: Coco Caravan Vegan Chocolate Easter Eggs

Coco Caravan Vegan Chocolate Easter Eggs

The Kingston Yoga & Vegan Festival by Yogific had a lively Facebook page with announcements of brands who were attending and activities that were arranged. The one post that excited me the most was one from Coco Caravan announcing that they were bringing along Easter eggs.

Ever since I was a kid I have loved Easter chocolates, there’s something a little tastier about them (maybe that’s all in my head!) I have only had one Easter as a vegan so far and last year I didn’t bother to scope out any vegan Easter chocolates. This year I have noticed loads all over the place, so I am up for getting involved!

When purchasing these eggs from Coco Caravan I did plan on keeping them for Easter but surprise, surprise, it just didn’t happen!

Packaged up in a cute little box, they smelt too delicious not to eat straight away. So here I am, I’ve just stuffed my face with four of the eight (oops!) and here are my thoughts.

I could smell the raw cacao from outside the box – It smelt phenomenal and tasted just as good. If you haven’t tried cacao before, don’t expect it to be the same as chocolate itself, it’s along the same lines but slightly more bitter. I think it’s equally as delicious!

The filling was a creamy, thin caramel. Also note there is a coconut hint to this – Just looking out for all you coconut haters out there!

These eggs are rich and decadent but not sickly. I would definitely purchase these again and if you’re a cacao fan I would highly recommend giving these a go.

Have you tried anything from Coco Caravan? If so, let me know! I’m very keen to try out more of their products.

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