Kingston Yoga & Vegan Festival by Yogific

I came across Kingston Yoga & Vegan Festival on Facebook and was interested straight away. A place with vegan food and yoga in one place sounded right up my street… and the cheapness, oh, the cheapness! £5 for a ticket?! It’s unusual to see any type of ticket that price anymore, even my daily train ticket to work costs more!

The tickets ordered online were £5 for standard or £6 on the door. A VIP ticket was £10 and came with a goody bag. I went for the goody bag option, of course! I was very intrigued by this and pleasantly surprised.

Set in Hollyfield School in Surbiton, we came through the gates and a friendly volunteer showed us where to go and get our goody bags.

The treats inside were great. After seeing all of this, we knew we were off to an amazing start.

  • Actiph Water – I loved this big bottle and the benefits sound excellent
  • Green Cola – No sugar and no preservatives with a great taste. Loved this cute teeny can too!
  • Pulsin bars & chocolate protein – One of my absolute favourite brands. The bars are such a life saver – Convenient, filling and delicious. I hadn’t tried the protein powder before but had it with Oatly and thought it was great, not overly sweet but with a nice chocolate taste
  • Third Wave Nutrition Plantforce Protein – Yet to try this one (will be updating) but really like the design of the packaging and it’s chocolate, so I’m sure I’ll love it!

Some of the festival was outside which I thought was lovely. It was quite a breezy day but bright, great to get some fresh air whilst looking around at different stalls. We started by looking at some of the food stalls before finally deciding on what to scoff a bit later in the day.

We had a Raja Wrap from En Root – A light wholemeal wrap packed with raw rainbow salad, the daily dhal, bhajia falafels, guacamole & a fiery home-made scotch bonnet sauce. This was SO good, so much flavour in each mouthful.


The guy running the show was so funny and friendly, telling us about the food and happily chatting with all the customers while serving all the food by himself. I really hope to see him in the Surrey area again, I NEED some more of this food in my life!

There was also a fabulous looking curry which unfortunately when we got there was sold out, but LOOK. AT. THE. GOODNESS. Wow. 


We also tried the mac & cheese with sweetcorn, carrot & mayo from Vega Mama. The veggies in the mayo worked really well with the pasta, definitely something I’m going to have to try having with my mac & cheese in the future! Very friendly people running this stall too so I hope to see them again sometime.

Happy Cat Coffee was a super popular stand. A great selection of plant based milks, my boyfriend had an Oatly latte which he had never tried before and loved.

I’ve previously ordered online from The Little Vegan Cookie Co. and to see them there made me SO happy, best cookies I have ever ever had! Check these guys out, you won’t regret it.

So much love for the ladies at Shea-Me – Hilarious with a super sales technique, giving you a little hand rub with the body butter which was lovely. We purchased one body butter and a lip balm down to the excellent sales technique and the silky feel of the products.


I purchased some lovely products from Fit 4 A Kiing, a charcoal toothpaste and face scrub. I was so interested after watching the video and also the pricing. I got the gift set which was only £15 which I thought was reasonable. I was also very happy as the charcoal tooth paste is mint flavoured rather than being more of a plain flavour like others I have tried. Check out my review here.


Coco Caravan were also there selling vegan chocolates. I purchased their salted caramel Easter egg’s after seeing them being advertised on the event Facebook page and was not disappointed! Check out my review here.

I met the lovely Louise from Kind Human Clothing and purchased one of her beautiful tops too. I had spoken to Louise over Instagram and Twitter a few times so it was great to finally meet her and see her products in person!

Overview of the day

Such a well run event, I really enjoyed trying out lots of products and stuffing my face with yummy vegan food. A big part of this event was the yoga classes which unfortunately I didn’t go to. I do practice yoga at home but I am not at all amazing, so I was nervous to join in. After seeing all the friendly faces going along to the classes and hearing them speak highly of them, I think at the next event I will be brave and try a beginners class out.

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