Mitchells and Butlers New Vegan Menu | Eating Out Vegan

After visiting a few of Mitchells and Butlers ‘Premium Country Pubs’ previously, I was signed up to their mailing list and received an email earlier this week with the announcement of their vegan menu – Wowee! I have tried some of their food when I wasn’t vegan and it was always amazing but since going vegan it was so disappointing. Having to just order plain salads is so not me and can be super dull but now, things have changed!

A full vegan menu, I’m not talking penne arrabbiata and one fruit sorbet for pud, I’m talking REAL starters, mains and puddings (including one chocolate one, YES!)

I went to The Ship Inn in Lymington on Friday and after a few drinks at The Cellar I was feeling kind of full, so only tried a main (I know, boo!) but it was fabulous. Beautifully presented, on initial look I thought I’d want more food but this was so delicious and filling. The vegetables were flavoursome, the leek sauce was so creamy and the pastry was lovely too.

I 100% would recommend going and trying out this menu – Click here to search for your nearest Premium Country Pub. I’m keen to make my way through this menu, so will be adding more thoughts and pictures soon as I make my way through it!

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