The Juice Smith, Cobham Review | Eating Out Vegan

The Juice Smith, Cobham Review | Eating Out Vegan

As expected after seeing photos online, The Juice Smith was bright and beautiful, the perfect place for lunch on a Sunday. After following The Juice Smith on Instagram for a while, I was keen to get over there and try some of their plant based menu out.


As expected, I really struggled to choose what to have because there are so many great options so I will definitely be returning. I was torn between the Burrito Wrap, Pad Thai, Mexican Chili Bowl and even TJS Waffles with raw cacao nutella & banana. It took a while for me to choose but I ended up having a large portion of the Mac ‘N’ Cheese and oh wow, it was a good choice!The sauce was made with sweet potato and sunflower seed and was pleasantly light, not as stodgy as some vegan mac and cheese I’ve tried. The taste was great, like nothing I’ve had before and also served in the most beautiful speckled bowl – Fantastic!My boyfriend only wanted something small so ordered the soup of the day which was Jerusalem artichoke and cumin, served with sourdough bread (there was also an option for gluten free bread). He said this was lovely and creamy, the oil added an extra element to the flavour and also looked awesome!Along with my Mac ‘N’ Cheese I had to try out one of their smoothies. A few people sitting nearby had them and they looked lush! I ordered the Choc Chip Maca Dream – Almond milk, banana, almond butter, carob, cacao, maca and vanilla. This smoothie was so filling and delicious, I can’t wait to recreate this at home! The cacao nibs worked SO well in this, it was lovely! As well as tasting amazing this smoothie had some great benefits such as improved digestion from the carob and a high amount of antioxidants from the maca to name but a few.The Juice Smith also have cold options such as salads, brunch pots such as chia puddings and most importantly, SWEET TREATS! I went home with a lovely Mint Chocolate Cheesecake (Cashews, gluten free oats, cacao butter, coconut oil, agave, maple syrup, mint oil, buckwheat and cacao powder) This was so beautiful to look at and so satisfying to eat. It’s amazing to know this is a little cake that isn’t full of rubbish, just all natural ingredients. I can’t wait to go back and try more!Last but not least, to the juices. There are so many to choose from (all the colours of the rainbow!) which all sounded great, I went for California Sun which was green apple, ginger, lemon and turmeric. So simple but so full of flavour and goodness!

The Juice Smith offer juice cleanses too which sound right up my street. These cleanses are a great idea for someone trying to lessen their portion sizes and improve their digestion. Some are just juices, some combine their salads and snacks too which I think is great. These snacks such as flavoured nuts and bliss balls can be found at the till point in store too.Overall I absolutely loved The Juice Smith. Really lovely staff, beautiful inside and great food, I would definitely recommend! Also, Cobham is a beautiful area and if you haven’t visited before, it’s worth the trip!

I was so happy to see The Juice Smith mentioned in Vegan Life Magazine this month. It makes me SO happy to see a plant based business succeeding which is local to me and has been created by someone that not only seems genuine, but also passionate about his business. Even if you just follow them online for their beautiful pictures, please check them out!

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