Ms. Cupcake, Brixton Review | Eating Out Vegan

Ms. Cupcake, Brixton Review | Eating Out Vegan

I’ve heard so many great things about Ms. Cupcake and as someone with a sweet tooth, I was so happy to finally try some of their products at Vegfest London. I grabbed a cupcake while there which was lovely, but the real star of the show for me was their Nanaimo bar. I had not heard of this sweet treat before… HOW?!

A Nanaimo bar is a Canadian dessert with a crumb base, custard flavoured icing and a chocolate topping. Luckily for all of us, Ms. Cupcakes recipe for this amazing pud can be found on Youtube here.

Most recently I went over to the Ms. Cupcake store in Brixton and it was amazing! Completely understated, you wouldn’t expect such delicious, beautiful baked goods from such a little shop. As it was a rainy, cold day I wasn’t able to sit outside, so it was more of a grab and dash situation.

It was a friends birthday, so I picked up a box of cupcakes. From left to right – Red velvet, carrot cake, chocolate chai and salted caramel (Curly candles are from Tiger) Of course, as my friends are the best, she agreed to share them – Woo!

If you’re not a fan of icing, these won’t be for you. I mean, the cakes themselves are amazing, so flavoursome and moist, but it’s ALL about that icing! Beautifully swirly and with great flavour, I’ve never had vegan icing like it!

Now, when popping into the store I tried my best to be good, as I knew there was a Chinese takeaway and birthday cake to come but I couldn’t resist. I remembered seeing a seasonal item announced on Twitter and needed it in my life – The Biscoff milkshake.

Now if you know me you will know even before my vegan days I was obsessed with Biscoff spread, eating it straight out of the tub with a spoon WAY too often. It got to the point when I had to stop buying it because I was scoffing it too quickly. So naturally I had to get this milkshake…with the whipped cream on top too – Whoops! Oh well, no regrets, it was luscious! So rich, so satisfying. I need another one, right now!

Another great thing about the store is that they were selling vegan products such as vegan Ben & Jerry’s, soy spray cream, vegan fudge and other goodies, along with the Ms. Cupcake cookbook which I purchased for my friend too.

I would highly recommend going here if you’re a vegan with a sweet tooth. The staff are lovely and the food is phenomenal.

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  1. Soooo envious that you got to visit Ms Cupcake. I was lucky enough to meet the lady herself about 5 years ago at a vegan Fayre in Taunton, Somerset. I’ve had the book for years, she’s a vegan icon for sure. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

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