Review: Gló Foods* | Online Vegan Supermarket

Gló Foods* | Online Vegan Supermarket

I first got chatting to Gló Foods, a Bristol based online vegan supermarket, on Twitter and then started following their Instagram too, which is always up to date with new products they have in stock and delicious looking dishes. I’ve got to be honest, I was mainly drawn in by the Christmas chocolate pictured on their Instagram!

Not only do Gló Foods provide a platform for a wide range of purely vegan products which can be hard to find, they also offer ideas and the option to be able to build your own meals which I thought was great and something I hadn’t seen before. This idea would be excellent for new vegans, I know I would have found it super helpful when doing Veganuary earlier this year!

All of the build your own meals are sectioned into Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. As someone who usually has a smoothie for breakfast and something not so exciting for lunch at work, I opted for trying out the dinner meal packages and of course, I went for the best of the best – PIZZA! A big reason for me choosing this was down to the vegan mozzarella, MozzaRisella.

The great thing about these meal packages is if you already have something in your cupboard, you don’t have to add it to your basket. I decided to just get the bases and MozzaRisella and then do the rest myself, making a home made pizza sauce and keeping it simple with some cherry tomatoes.


The MozzaRisella was amazing, it melted slightly and was SO similar to actual mozzarella, it could fool anyone. I have to admit, I did eat quite a few chunks of it while my pizza was cooking and it took me back to my love of caprese salad, which I will definitely be creating soon using this.

I also loved the pizza bases. As they’re gluten free, they may not be to everyone’s taste as they have a slightly crumbly texture but they are so full of flavour which I can only compare to focaccia bread. Another item I will definitely be repurchasing!

I also ordered the Follow Your Heart caesar salad dressing and oh wow, this was great! Now, this day I was naughty and had no salad, but used the dressing for dipping my pizza crusts in and I am OBSESSED! Now’s time to actually use it for it’s real purpose – On a salad!

I purchased a few other bits too, such as the strawberry flavoured Freedom Mallows vegetarian marshmallows which work SO well for a vegan hot choccie with some soy spray cream (I used Schlagfix). These marshmallows are full of flavour, the strawberry taste is so strong it’s amazing! These are slightly more squidgy than normal marshmallows but pretty spot on. Very happy with these!

Just in time for Christmas I ordered the Artisan Country Veg and Cashew Nut Roast which I have had before and love. So easy to cook, goes so well with a plate full of veggies, potatoes and lots of gravy. Might be having this on Christmas day!

Last but not least, Gló Foods sent me some Booja Booja chocolate truffles to try. These were very yummy but have a SUPER strong champagne taste and this is coming from someone who doesn’t mind drinking vodka straight! So if you’re a bit sensitive to strong alcohol tastes, you have been warned!

Another thing to mention about Gló is the impressive customer service. I managed to choose the wrong delivery type (doh!) and they were on it straight away sorting it for me. Any questions, they were happy to answer over Twitter. Will definitely be buying more from these lovely people!

What do you think of the products I’ve purchased from Gló Foods? I can’t wait to order more from them! Check out their website and get ordering, I guarantee you’ll find something you want to try on there.

*Please note, I was contacted by Glo Foods to produce a post after being offered a percentage off my purchase & the Booja Booja chocolate was given to me as a gift. Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me directly here.

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    1. It was lovely! I believe it’s the same one that they use in Zizzi’s (if you’ve ever had it). It melts very well too!

      Ah yes, the soy cream and marshmallows have left me feeling super festive 🙂

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