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Harper's Candles

As a self confessed candle lover, when I was sent Little Black Cat by Harper’s in my Vegan Kind subscription box, I was intrigued. I believe in love at first sight when it comes to candles – The beautiful packaging, the witty names and phenomenal scents. From the first one I was hooked.

After following Harper’s on Instagram, I knew this was a company I wanted to keep up to date with and purchase more of their products. Their posts are relatable and hilarious. They’re not trying to be corporate, they’re not trying to look like a massive brand, they are just themselves which I absolutely love.

I went to Vegfest in London and had the pleasure of meeting Victoria and Eve in person and this dynamic duo were just as funny as their Instagram posts – They had me almost in tears about their new Christmas candle called Happy Chrismoose, which is, you guessed it, named after a moose called Chris. You can find Chris here.

I purchased another Little Black Cat, Black Vanilla and Not Even A Mouse which are a great selection of beautiful, varied scents.

When first trying out Little Black Cat from my subscription box, I was amazed how long these candles last, which I can’t say for many reasonably priced candles. Little Black Cat is a sweet and delicious scent. I even requested that Harper’s start making sweets of this scent… If they ever do, I will take the position of #1 guinea pig!

Black Vanilla is an amazing, strong vanilla scent – Just what I like! I was starting to get fed up with “vanilla” scented candles that smell of nothing when they burn – This is absolutely nothing like that, it fills your room with its gorgeous smell.

Now for a Christmassy one, which I am burning as I am typing! Not Even A Mouse is described as “the mouthwatering smell of Christmas pudding” and I certainly agree. This one is absolutely perfect for getting in the Christmas spirit – Looking forward to snuggling up with a hot chocolate and watching a Christmas movie with this on!

I can see Harper’s having much success and I am so excited to see where they go with it while obsessively huffing their candles along the way!

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  1. I love a good candle too, especially anything with cinnamon, winter spices, or anything vaguely festive. I’ll make a note to try them out – you can’t go wrong with a company that doesn’t take themselves too seriously and makes delicious smelling things.

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