Christmas Dinner at Bill’s Review | Eating Out Vegan

Christmas Dinner at Bill's Review | Eating Out Vegan

When getting together friends for a Christmas meal out, I was slightly worried about vegan options, as most places serve your typical Christmas dinner of turkey/chicken. When looking online, a lot of vegetarian options had cheese in them, which was a pain, until I came across the Christmas menu at Bill’s!

On the menu, the vegan options are clearly marked, along with the option to request gluten free dishes which I thought was excellent!

It’s time to fess up, I’m not a mushroom fan… and as you can see, the vegan starter and main both contain mushrooms.

I’m trying to get over disliking foods, these only being mushrooms and artichokes. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine encouraged me to try artichokes again and now I love them! So I thought, why not try my best with mushrooms.

The Wild Mushroom soup was so delicious and creamy, served with a few pieces of bread. I actually really enjoyed this, despite being a mushroom hater!

The main was a Pumpkin, Fig and Chestnut roast, served with veggies and potatoes on a bed of kale. This dish was so flavoursome and is something I’m SO keen to recreate – I wish I could have this for my actual Christmas dinner!

Not all of my friends that came along to this meal are vegan, not even vegetarian, but we all had this and agreed it was amazing and so filling!

Pudding was a Coconut Rice Brûlée which was so lovely and light, the perfect way to end our meal. Served with orange zest which was such a good addition – fragrant and delicious!

Overall, if you’re planning on going out for a meal to get into the Christmas spirit, get yourself booked in to your closest Bill’s! 

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