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FabFudge - Vegan fudge

#VeganHour on Twitter bought FabFudge and I together and I couldn’t be happier. I remember when I was younger going on holidays to Dorset and buying an assortment of fudge as a treat and stuffing my face with it, so seeing a company making vegan fudge made me very excited.

FabFudge was created in August 2016 on the back of an idea, to help fundraise for Reboot Me With HSCT – A Multiple Sclerosis Fundraiser. What a great idea to raise funds for an amazing cause.

Jill has Multiple Sclerosis and has had it for sometime. She’s lived with it and has decided enough is enough! After seeing doctors and numerous experts who didn’t really help, she decided to do her own research and came across HSCT. HSCT is quite complex but involves chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant, the only problem is, it costs a lot of money, something that would not be possible on the NHS. Jill setup a GoFundMe page but it was clear that we could not just rely on that. So, the idea of selling Fudge was born.

When browsing through their Twitter and looking on their website, I couldn’t decide what to buy! I expected standard fudge flavours, your chocolate, vanilla, perhaps a fruity one, I was wrong. FabFudge have so many creative flavours such as Banoffee, Cashew & Maple Syrup, Cream Liquer and at the moment vegan Baileys too, damn! How awesome!

In an attempt not to overindulge, I decided on buying three different flavours to try  out, Creme Egg, Mint and Oreo – I definitely chose well!

Creme Egg

I didn’t think it would be possible to capture the exact taste of Creme Egg, but it is! Not too sickly and NOT just for around Easter time, wahoo! If you’re a Creme Egg lover, you need this in your life! My favourite one of the three, I will definitely be repurchasing!


When opening this pot, I knew it would be a good one just by the scent. The strong minty flavour cuts perfectly through the creamy chocolate. This is the perfect After Eight replacement for over the Christmas period. I also loved the look of this one, beautiful green swirls on each piece, just lovely!


Absolutely devine! The cream in the Oreo itself works so well with the creamy, chocolatey fudge. The Oreo wasn’t overly crunchy, but not at all soggy, making it perfect for having in the fudge. As a big fan of Oreos, I was so happy to see this on their website.

Overall, three excellent choices to start with, even my non-vegan Dad loved them! I can’t wait to order more. It’s worth following FabFudge on Twitter, as they regularly have discount codes too.

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