Recipe: Meat Free Breakfast Burrito

Meat Free Breakfast Burrito

Difficulty: Super Easy | Time: 10-15 minutes | Serves: As many as you like!

I hate that feeling when you wake up with an empty stomach, craving something super filling first thing in the morning. On days like those, this recipe is perfection and it’s super quick too, so you’re not waiting around with your stomach gurgling.


  • Flour tortillas – Wholemeal or white, whatever you’re feeling that day!
  • Coconut oil – Or any type of oil that you like to cook with
  • Vegetarian mince – I used Tesco’s Mince Made With Soya, but anything similar will work fine
  • Mixed peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Seasoning of your choice – I used Dorset Chili Shop’s Zesty Lime and Chili Sea Salt
  • Dairy free cream cheese – I used Bute Island Creamy Sheese
  • Milled flax seeds (Optional)
  • Hot sauce of choice – I used Cholula original (Optional)

Please note, I never use measurements for this recipe, it all depends on how filled you want your burrito to be and how many you’re going to have, so this one is for you to judge yourself!


  1. Heat up the pan with a small amount of oil
  2. Add in the veggie mince and start cooking on a medium heat. I always find veggie minces don’t have the most interesting flavour, so I bung in the seasoning now too
  3. About 5 minutes into the veggie mince cooking, move the mince to one side of the pan and add in your peppers (Cooking time will depend on if you’re using frozen or fresh peppers)
  4. Whilst the mince and peppers are cooking (around 5 minutes) chop up your tomatoes and prep other fresh veggies to add in (e.g. Spinach). Spread your cream cheese into the middle of the tortilla, adding as much as your heart desires!
  5. Remove the mince and peppers from the heat and put in the middle of the tortilla. I also add in flax seeds here too to get some Omega 3’s in, but this is optional
  6. Roll the burrito up, making sure both ends are closed
  7. Add some oil into the pan and put the rolled burrito on at a medium heat, cooking for around 2-3 minutes each side (or until slightly browned)
  8. Remove from the heat and scoff! I always add some hot sauce on top while I’m eating too – Yum!

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