My First Vegan Festival! | Vegfest London 2017

Vegfest London 2017

As a new vegan (well, pretty new, since January 2017) I’ve never had a chance to get myself to a vegan festival, so last weekend I did and I have to say it was one of the best days I have had in a long time. A place full of food I can actually eat and don’t have to think about it/read labels to determine if it’s okay for me – Perfection!

On arrival, free copies of Vegan Life magazine were being handed out. Being as eager as I am, I already had that issue unfortunately, but it was a great touch. In case you haven’t checked it out, Vegan Life magazine is amazing. I pick mine up from W H Smiths and always find it to be such a good read, full of recipes and new products, along with events and vegan news. Definitely one to check out.

When stepping out of the lift and onto the floor where all of the stands were I was amazed, it was absolutely buzzing, I didn’t know where to start! Looking around I could see beautiful displays of foods, bags and clothing. Where did I start? Of course, a cake stand!

Dressed as a unicorn, one of the lovely girls from Baking Bad (love the name) greeted us and ran us through all of her cupcakes and brownies. There were SO many flavours and all decorated beautifully. I went for a chocolate cupcake – it tasted as good as it looks!

After wandering around for a while, I saw Aquapax which was conveniently timed as I was SO thirsty after sampling multiple different types of chocolate, cheese and other products. I remember buying Aquapax a few years back from Infinity Foods in Brighton and thinking it was an awesome concept – An environmentally friendly company using paper over plastic for their product. Unfortunately I haven’t seen them locally to me for a while (Surrey) so I am hoping they make more of an appearance close to me soon! I loved their marketing and for £1 a carton, you can’t go wrong!

Another stall I noticed which I thought was awesome was Cupcakes and Shhht. Great name, great decorations and UNICORN CUPCAKES! So cool! Unfortunately I didn’t get to try any of these, but I am keen to get my hands on them! Will have to pop by their cafe soon – It looks equally as stunning as their stall at Vegfest.

A month back I was at The Boiler House in Brick Lane and saw City Juice selling sugar cane juice. At this time I was too preoccupied drinking beer and Pimms that I thought trying it wouldn’t be worth it, I wanted to taste the flavours properly, so Vegfest was my time!

I had ginger added into mine and I can’t even describe the flavour – It was phenomenal. I’ve never had anything like it. I’m usually very boring and like to just drink water and the odd smoothie, but I can definitely see myself introducing this into my diet. With amazing health benefits such as aiding weight loss and boosting your immunity to name a few, I don’t see why I cant drink this on occasion.

Also at The Boiler House I tried one of Vida Bakery’s chocolate orange cupcakes, so to see they were at Vegfest too made me very happy. I remembered them not only because of their amazing cakes, but also their lovely staff – Makes all thee difference! These cupcakes are so well decorated and full of flavour, I can’t wait to try more in the future.

Now, lunch was a difficult decision. Majorly difficult. Seeing friends with Hemp Burgers from Hempen, pastries from Greek Vegan Deli or Sushi Burritos from Happy Maki, the struggle was REAL. In the end I went classic, and by classic I mean classic me… i.e I LOVE AMERICAN STYLE FOODS! Burgers, pancakes, donuts, THE LOT! So why not try a vegan hot dog?! I thought to myself.

I’ve tried a few meat substitutes, but never this. Oh wow, it was lush. It tasted just like a real hot dog which I know is full of… well… who knows! So finding a plant based alternative was great! Topped with onions, my picture really doesn’t do it justice.

I was lucky enough to grab some nanaimo bars from Ms. Cupcake’s and they were LUSH! I’ve never tasted anything like it, so will be making a trip to their bakery in Brixton ASAP. There were so many beautiful cakes, it was hard to decide what to have. Think I may have to purchase their book too, I need to learn how to make these bars!

I got talking to the lovely lady at the Raw Spirit Chocolate Company and thought she should get a special mention on this post. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful packaging – These would make the perfect gift, they are absolutely stunning. Take a look at their Instagram and you’ll see what I mean.

Not only do Raw Spirit create delicious, raw and organic chocolate bars, they also donate 3% of their profits to UNICEF, stating that they are as passionate about helping children around the world as they are about their chocolate.

After trying their flavours (Earl Grey & Nibs 70% Dark, Lemon & Black Pepper 70% Dark, Plain 70% Dark, Pomegranate 70% Dark), I asked to try the other bar (Mulberries & Vanilla, 100% Dark) which was kept back, as the flavour was so different to the others. I fell in love with this! As a fan of dark chocolate, I absolutely loved it, a flavour I can’t even describe. I purchased a bar and am trying SO hard to make it last!

Here are a few bits I purchased from the day. City Juice sugar cane juice, Coconut Merchant Coconut Nectar and Pesto Powder, Aquapax water, Jollyum chocolate ice cream, vegan spray cream, Italian seitan from LoveSeitan, candles from Harper’s and I finally managed to get my hands on Violife Meddeteranian Style – Wahoo! Am thinking of doing reviews for all of these when I try them!

Overall, Vegfest was epic and I can’t wait for next year!

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