Review: WaysGoneBy Grapefruit Body Scrub & Nourishing Night Oil*


WaysGoneBy are a skincare company based in Guildford specialising in natural products. I am on a mission to ensure all of my skincare products and makeup are more natural and vegan, so using products from WaysGoneBy is just the perfect way to start.

“Our philosophy is simple: to encourage as many people as possible to adopt a more natural, simplified life.  Your skin is precious and a great place to start.

Waysgoneby came about after I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and again in 2015.  I have always had a healthy approach to life, eating well and exercising, but I hadn’t really stopped to think about the products I used on my skin.  My diagnosis was the kick-start I needed to focus not just on what I was putting into my body, but what I was putting on it. Once I started researching all the chemicals to which I was exposing myself and my family, I realised just how unnecessary they were. I decided to make my own products based on natural ingredients including herbs, carrier oils and essential oils. 

The ingredients I use in my products have been chosen for their effectiveness and have a luxurious feel. I really hope you enjoy using these natural products as much as I enjoy making them for you.”

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Grapefruit Body Scrub

What beautiful packaging – Simple, but cute… I really love it. What a change to be able to read the ingredients and not have to Google almost all of them to figure out what makes up this product. This was so reassuring and refreshing.

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This scrub smelt AMAZING! Slightly sweet coconut with a hint of the grapefruit.

When spooning this out, it was the consistency of coconut oil alone, so I was thinking… Where’s the ‘scrub’ part?! As soon as I warmed it up in my hands, this came through. The perfect amount in there too, not too harsh on your skin and not too less. I get very annoyed when scrubs don’t contain much salt in them, so don’t really work!

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This product is something to be excited about. I haven’t tried a skincare product and felt this way in quite a while. Everything seems quite same old at the moment but not this, I’m obsessed and would recommend it to anyone. I know I will be repurchasing and hope that WaysGoneBy bring out different scents of this in the future. Nourishing Night Oil

I’ve been wanting to try out a face oil for quite a while but have been hesitant. I have combination skin, a horribly oily t-zone and the occasional dryness across the rest of my face, so finding skincare products can be problematic. Knowing this product is all natural I thought, what’s the harm in trying!

First of all, I am an absolute sucker for anything in these bottles with a dropper lid, I just think it’s awesome! This product has an amazing scent and wow… It smells good enough to eat!

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When dropping this out onto my hand, I panicked slightly at it’s neon orange colour. I am naturally a ghostly white colour, so anything with a slight tint makes me look like I’ve had a bad spray tan! After smoothing this over my face, the slight orange colour had faded away thankfully.

I have used this a few times overnight and once in the day with no makeup on and I’m loving it! It makes the dry areas on my face nourished and has actually evened out the oiliness that’s usually in my t-zone.

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This one is not for me, although I wish it was because it smells so good! A very herbal scent, I can imagine this lasting all day.

On my hand, this oil feels very smooth but obviously I was unable to try this on my non existent beard… but I did actually put this in the ends of my hair and it made my dry ends so smooth! I will be passing this onto a bearded friend, so a review will most likely be following this.

My Overall Thoughts:

I’m thankful that such an amazing company with a great philosophy are based so locally to me, I’m looking forward to trying more products from WaysGoneBy in the future and would recommend to anyone.

Please note, WaysGoneBy have now rebranded to Pure Mess Skincare, although the products remain the same.

*Although these products were sent to me, please keep in mind all views are honest and my own. Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me directly here.

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