Eating Out Vegan: Afternoon Tea at Ethos, London

Afternoon Tea at Ethos, London

I recently turned 24 and I received the present of vegan afternoon tea at Ethos from one of my best friends to celebrate. Leading up to this I was so excited; online the restaurant looked so beautiful and in person it was even better. Weirdly I couldn’t find a lot about this online, so I thought writing about my experience would be useful for all the vegans out there missing out on afternoon tea!

This restaurant is so beautiful with trees inside and cute marble tables, it’s right up my street! The main part of this restaurant is pay-by-weight style, offering a range of meat-free dishes with gluten free, dairy free and vegan options also. I noticed that with these dishes there are signs which state if the food is gluten free/vegan etc. which I thought was great! The afternoon tea was separate to the pay-by-weight foods and served straight to your table with a choice of hot drinks, along with milk alternatives such as almond and soy.

One thing I am yet to replicate is the clotted cream that comes with a scone. This takes me back to childhood, slathering way too much on a scone with a bit of strawberry jam and wolfing it down – the way scones should be enjoyed!

The cream that came with the diddy scones was delicious, I believe it was cashew based which was pleasantly sweet and accompanied with lovely, fresh tasting strawberry jam. Also on this plate we were given some raw vegetables and hummus which was SO yummy. I have to confess, I am a hummus hater, but after trying this I think I’m going to have to change my mind on that! This hummus was so flavorsome and topped with paprika, it went perfectly with the vegetables.

On the next plate down we had some cakes, my favourite being the chocolate mousse which had berries in and a biscuity base – this went so well with my almond milk latte. We also had a strawberry and coconut slice and a salted caramel heart with an oaty base. My friend and I ended up halving three of these and then taking the other three home, as they were so filling!

On the bottom plate we had a selection of sandwiches which were lovely too, avocado and tomato being my favourite.

Overall, I absolutely loved this experience at Ethos. This restaurant has a very chilled feel and was perfect on a Sunday afternoon. Along with a vegan afternoon tea option, Ethos also offer options such as vegetarian, gluten free and skinny afternoon teas, so covering lots of different allergies/preferences. I will definitely be returning to Ethos for their pay-by-weight dishes and perhaps afternoon tea again in the future!

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  1. Oh my goodness – that looks so good! Nice to know there is a place serving such delicious alternatives to the normal cakes. I will make a mental note of this should I visit London in the near future!

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