The Vegan Kind Box Review #TVK46

My favourite day of the month arrived – When I get home from work and there’s a box waiting for me filled with vegan goodies!

TheVeganKind are a Glasgow based company specialising in vegan food products and cosmetics. Along with their online shop, they have two different boxes – Lifestyle and Beauty.

I am on my eighth Lifestyle box and have always been impressed, each one full to the brim with full size vegan snacks (& the occasional cosmetic) and a recipe card.

image1 (9).JPG

This months box was amazing as usual, with products from Sweet Freedom, Almighty Foods and Candy Kittens to name a few. For a full review, keep on scrollin’!

image8 (1).JPGimage9.JPG

Emily Veg Crisps – Crunchy Sweet Potato, Carrot & Beetroot

For someone that isn’t a regular crisp eater, I am currently munching on these as I type and can’t wait to try others in the range. Full of flavour and crunch, these crisps aren’t overly oily like most vegetable crisps. The packaging is beautiful (check out their aesthetically pleasing website too) and I love that the calories are stated on the front clearly too.

image7 (1).JPGimage8.JPG

Candy Kittens – Sweet Peach

A product thought up by Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing, Candy Kittens market themselves as confectionery with natural ingredients and that are gluten free.

Clearly marked as vegan on the front, these are a great substitute for gummy sweets. Unfortunately not all of the products are vegan, but having the option there is great! These sweets are so flavorful and the texture is good too, would definitely recommend these to any vegans missing chomping on Haribo.

image6 (2).JPGimage7 (2).JPG

Native Unearthed – Activated Charcoal Deodorant Balm

I’m going to admit it, I was skeptical. Deodorant is something I think if you’re able to find one that works for you, you’ve gotta stick with it. I had seen this online and just wasn’t sure. In my head, it wouldn’t work. It would smell weird. I would be a sweaty mess by the end of the day. How wrong I was!

Cruelty free and natural ingredients, this deodorant is beautiful. Such a smooth texture, dries quickly, doesn’t smell strongly and by the end of the day, I WASN’T A SWEATY MESS! I was amazed. I’m going through a phase of trying to use up all of my cosmetics which aren’t cruelty free. I find it silly looking back, aimlessly buying cosmetics without a care in the world, presuming all was good. I’m so much more conscious of this now and I think Native Unearthed deodorants are going to be my deodorant of choice – I can’t wait to try the coconut and vanilla!

image5 (3).JPGimage6 (1).JPG

PHD Protein – Protein Superfood Squeezy

Launched in 2006, PHD Protein have been creating innovative sports nutrition products. Naturally flavoured and full of protein (20g), this pouch is perfect for chucking in your bag for on the go. This product is clearly marked free from gluten, soya and dairy which is great and can be found in Holland & Barrett.

Super creamy and thick, this smoothie is very filling. The texture to me is almost like a thick yoghurt. If you’re not a fan of mango, STAY AWAY! This has a VERY strong mango taste, it’s almost bitter. If I’m honest, I’m not the biggest fan. The aftertaste isn’t great, but I didn’t chuck this away. I would not buy this one again, even if it is great for on the go.

image3 (9).JPGimage4 (3).JPG

Sweet Freedom – Choc Pot

My fave bit of the whole box this month! After being a fan of Sweet Freedom’s Choc Shot, I was keen to get my hands on this! This is like a vegan Nutella that’s slightly fruity and to top it all off, the packaging is SO cute. I’ve had mine in porridge and on toast, but I know for a fact the best way to eat it is straight off a spoon.

image2 (7).JPGimage3 (6).JPGimage4 (2).JPG

Almighty Foods – Strawberry Blonde Botanical Bar

I read the packaging and really didn’t know what to expect from this, but it DELIVERED! Creamy and fruity, the strawberry dust was perfection. It’s almost like a fruity chocolate bar… I can’t even explain it. All I need to say is, just buy yourself one. It’s so worth it.


I would recommend to anyone attempting to go vegan, or anyone who is happily vegan but wanting snacks galore, to try out TheVeganKind Lifestyle Box. For more info click here.




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